The rains have come for us all. And as soothing as they can be, they can also be unrepentant and on the far side, deadly. It is up to you to prepare adequately and so as to have a wonderful rainy experience. Here are tips on how to be on the safe side on a rainy day:

GET YOURSELF AN UMBRELLA: The funny thing about this is that we all know this but procrastination can get the better of us.  Well, now is the time to get a good umbrella. You can get a foldable one if you are not a fan of carrying load about. But by all means, get an umbrella.

RAINCOATS ARE NOT BAD TOO: As a matter of fact, raincoats are less stressful to carry about and are very good alternatives to umbrellas. They can even protect your documents and phones. You should invest in them.

YOUR FEET NEED PROTECTION: Do get rubber shoes and sandals during this season. They are less expensive and can save you damaging your very expensive shoes leaving your feet sad. All you need to do is buy a rubber shoe and use when the rains come. Your feet and your shoes will thank you for it.

FIX YOUR ROOF: If your roof is leaking, get it fixed up. Rains can come unawares and you may not be around to put a bucket under the leaking roof. Fixing it now might just save you the stress of returning home to a flooded home.

CLOSE ALL WINDOWS BEFORE LEAVING: Make sure your windows are shut before leaving the office or home. It will prevent the rain from inviting itself into your home or office and from damaging any valuable equipment or documents.

CLEAR THE DRAINAGE: Although it can be stressful to continually clear the drainage but it is very important. Remove bottles and plastic bags that hinder the free flow of water. You just might save someone from falling into the drainage.

AVOID RIDING BIKES WHEN RAIN STARTS: This is for all motorcycle lovers. Bikes are harder to control during a downpour and especially on sloppy roads. It is best to wait until after the rains subside. But if you must, opt for tricycles or a vehicle.

SLOW DOWN WHEN DRIVING: Please and please, slow down while driving during a downpour. Getting to watch that football match or overtaking just for the fun of it is not worth the possibility of a loss of life. Cars easily skid off the road during showers of rain because of slippery roads and an obscure view.

BE CAREFUL OF PORTHOLES: For drivers, be very careful when driving on unfamiliar roads. If possible, do not plight unfamiliar roads during a heavy rain. Flooding on the road can cause portholes to be covered up and eventually deceive drivers. This is a major cause of accidents during the rainy season. Do not be a victim.


Now you know what to do to adequately prepare for the rains so you can smile and enjoy the rains as they pour.

Sourced from The Nation.

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