How To Make Your Kitchen Your Workout Place While You Wait For Your Meal To Get Ready -

How To Make Your Kitchen Your Workout Place While You Wait For Your Meal To Get Ready

Exercise is one of the most important practices or habits that determine one’s health. Exercise is recommended for weight loss, a healthy heart, reduce risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, and has also been linked with reduced risk and symptoms of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

However, the time and responsibilities do not allow us to find a particular time for exercise. This has led us to just quit exercise altogether, which can prove very unhealthy and bad for our body, in the long run.

So what can you do? You can sneak exercise into other parts of your life, and cooking your meals could be one of the ways.

How to make your kitchen your workout place

You eat at least three meals a day and are likely to spend about an hour preparing each one of them. What if, you could use this time to exercise? Here are some exercises you can perform in your kitchen, while you wait for your meals to cook. You can supervise, or prep for the meal, and give your body a good workout, at the same time.


Beginning with one of the most common exercises that strengthen your glutes, thighs, back and core muscles. Squats do not require any equipment or a lot of space.

How to perform

To perform a squat, stand with your feet as apart as your shoulder. Bend your legs at the knees, to squat in a position, similar to how you would sit on a chair. You can hold the position for two seconds, and come back up. Squats are done in sets, and therefore, you can do them while your food is cooking. Squat, and stir.

Wall sits

Wall sits are a very easy exercise that can strengthen your core, and leg muscles.

How to perform

Wall sits require you to get your body in a position, as if you are sitting on a chair, but the chair here is imaginary, and you are leaning against the wall. Once you are comfortable and balanced, raise one leg at a time and bring it up to waist level. You can perform the exercise for about a minute or two, as long as you are comfortable.

Calf raises

Calf raises are the easiest exercise to perform in the kitchen. Neither does it require a lot of movement, or space, or equipment. You can even perform the exercise while chopping your vegetables.

How to perform

Just stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Shift the weight of the body on the toes, while raising your heels. Go back to the initial position, and repeat.


Lunges can be performed even in a small kitchen. This exercise helps you burn calories, and strengthen your muscles.

How to perform

To perform lunges, stand with your hands on your waist, and feet shoulder-width apart. Extend one leg out, and bend it at the knee, to touch the floor. The other leg stays diagonal to the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg, and continue for about a minute.

Counter push-ups

You can put the kitchen counter to use in this exercise. It helps in weight loss, strengthens the core, hands and arms.

How to perform

To perform counter push-ups, take the support of the kitchen counter with your hands, and move backwards. When you are at an appropriate distance, make your body diagonal to the floor. Push your body’s weight upwards, and then come down. Make sure to engage your core, and not put all the pressure on your hands. This exercise can be done in sets.

Don’t forget that you are equally cooking, so proper hygiene and caution should be maintained.

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