I could remember vividly when I was studying in the university then, one of the major stresses that I encountered is to balance studies with my wellbeing. It’s a costly venture that has no definite outcome, so the pressures of it are so legion. From one scheduled lecture period to another, assignments, practical class, research work, visiting the library and other logistics all piled up on me as a student. Most time, I was left with little or practically no time to consider my mental wellbeing. However, in a current survey conducted, an alarmingly 83% of students in a survey admitted to having struggled with their mental health.

It’s normal to have down days at university but when it takes over your life completely and you find yourself losing motivation, then it’s time to put yourself in order first. Whether it’s going for picnics, taking small walks or meditating a few times week, ensure you are making time for yourself. The stress of university can take a huge toll on your mental health.


Opt for meditation: Sitting for a few minutes a day focusing on breathing and relaxing the tension in your muscles can be hugely beneficial. You can search for apps that can provide guided meditations to help ground you.

Stay away from social media for a while: As a victim of this so also a lot of you, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, Istagram, Pamchat and others are ways of getting news, updates from friends and current issues quickly. But it’s capable of doing more harm than good when it comes to mental health. We are constantly comparing our social media content with that of other people’s even though we know that it’s just a fraction of their lives or simply a “fake life”. Therefore, consciously turning away from social media and allowing yourself to enjoy the real world every now and again will help your mentality so much.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs: It’s easier said than done when the world paints university life to be non-stop partying. Drinking alcohol and taking hard drugs appear to be well adopted social etiquette in most universities but such lifestyle can lead to depression, lack of focus and concentration, addictions and some side effects in near future. Instead, taking care of your body will ensure your mind stays healthy and you’re less likely to do something you’re going to regret.

Exercise your body: It’s a well-established fact that exercise releases some hormones which will give you a natural burst of happiness and motivation. The only problem is, so many of us despise working out. But you don’t have to join a gym to maintain a good shape, after all they are mostly far too expensive for the average student. Instead, involve yourself in some school sporting activities, consider taking regular walks, runs or bike rides which is useful and easy.

Search and read useful books: When you’ve already got a stack of books to get through for your course, reading for information about dealing with your mental health can seem wasteful. But there are so many books out there with advice that will really help you make a difference in your life and get you on the path to wellness your body needs.

See you on the healthy lifestyle as a student.


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