How To Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control While Pregnant -

How To Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control While Pregnant

How to keep your stress levels under control while pregnant. We live in a very stressful world that demands so much from us, especially from women.

Women have to work, look after children, handle domestic chores and in all that mix find time to look after themselves- which they rarely do.

Although you cannot avoid stress completely when you are pregnant, you need to try keep it under control because it can have negative effects, on not just you, but your unborn baby as well.

Life coach Judy Klipin explains how to keep your stress levels under control while pregnant with these seven tips.

Maintain A Sense Of Self


Klipin says one of the biggest problems pregnant and current moms face is the feeling that they’ve lost themselves.

“Women need to be mindful about how they’re going to look after and make time for themselves; whether it’s a massage, journaling or even going for a counselling session,” advises Klipin.

Block Out The Negativity

Everyone who has given birth, might want to let you know about their experiences, whether good or bad. We are all unique and we all go through different experiences.

Learn to filter information and not take in information that scares you. “Have healthy boundaries while learning how to let the good stuff in,” says Klipin.

If you find yourself sitting in a room being bombarded by horror birth stories, you might choose to excuse yourself from the conversation.

“Many women have a hard time standing up for themselves, but you’re perfectly within your rights to say: ‘I feel that it’s not good for me, or my baby, to be part of this conversation.’”

You might also choose to remain in the room should you be able to block out the negativity.

Ask For Help

Friends laughing together
Friends laughing together

There is a perception that asking for help is a weakness, when it’s not. “The sooner moms learn to do this, the better,” says Klipin.

“For some reason we want to prove to others how perfect we are, or we don’t want to inconvenience anyone.”

She continues by explaining that working moms, especially, try to do everything themselves.

Your emotions can be overwhelming as hormones wreak havoc in your body, so make sure to have some alone time and time to bond with your partner.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Many people struggle to say no, but this could be the perfect time to learn how to say no.

Whether you’re in your first trimester and feeling nauseous, or in the third and just feeling exhausted, don’t be afraid to say no.

“You can be nice about it, but sometimes we’re just far too polite – at our own expense,” warns Klipin. “You don’t need to give anyone an explanation.”

Bask In The GlowDark skinned woman applying moisturiser

Your body is going through the most beautiful changes so embrace them. “Try to focus on how great your breasts and skin are looking rather than the bit of weight you might have picked up on your bum.

Once you have the baby, you’ll likely lose it anyway,” says Klipin.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Times are tough and most families are strained financially due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown brought by it.

Don’t beat yourself up just because you don’t have everything ready or can’t afford to buy certain things. “The need to be perfect will also put your partner under pressure.

So, instead of comparing yourself to your friend, acknowledge that everyone’s situation is different and find your own way to make things work.”

Just Breathe

Family practicing yoga
Family practicing yoga

There are many breathing techniques you can use to calm your nerves whenever you feel overwhelmed. Kanina Foss, a yoga teacher describes and easy-to-follow breathing technique focusing on inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

Sit in a comfortable position, relax your shoulders, and focus on your breathing:

  • Breathe in slowly for four counts.
  • Retain the breath for two counts.
  • Breathe out slowly for four counts.

If you’re feeling comfortable, slowly increase the length of inhalation and exhalation up to six or seven counts, but always keep the retention at two counts.

Sourced from: Lowvelder

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