How To Get A Nigerian Lady In The Mood Before Having Sex With Her -

How To Get A Nigerian Lady In The Mood Before Having Sex With Her

How to get a Nigerian lady in the mood before having sex with her? This very question has been asked all over and over again.

How do I get Ngozi, Tope or Hafsat into the mood before throwing my third leg in?

Well some years back in Katsina State, similar question was asked among the Corp Members then; “How does an Hausa man make love with his wife”?

One Corp member among us by name Dele decides to answer the question.

He say “An Hausa man after taking Magani Burantashi (a local aphrodisiac which literally mean “penis get up”) and comes back home to meet his wife, will rightly say Zo zo (come! Come!!) and the wife will come. Thereafter, he will push the woman on bed and starts making love with her quickly, and will not last long. Maybe for 5 minutes.”

Honestly, after hearing that very statement, the whole lodge burst out to laughter. “Dele are you for real”? One Corp member asked.

Meanwhile that scenario, whether true or not, might be similar to what some Nigerian guys do whenever they want to get between the sheets with their lover or girl.

They just go ahead to pull the lady and start “wooing” her without getting her to the mood or turning her on.

Actually ladies feel bad about this act and some even feel embarrassed as if they are just a whore or prostitute in the first place. But on the other hand, a lot of Nigerian ladies want that quality ROMANCE.

Some ladies even prefer good romance over sex itself. In fact turning a lady on before sex has been proven to be the best way to get her READY and help prepare her for “good sex.” But how can you get her in that mood before having sex?

Although I’m not a sex therapist, I’m writing out of hindsight or experience. And if these awesome tips don’t work, then come back to to share your experience.

First thing to do whenever you happen to be with a lady you so much love, is to put her in the mood.

Try as much as you can to make your discussion romantic. You can say “waooo, your body looks nice this time unlike the last I met you, what happened”?

And wait for her response. Actually at this time, you have opened her mind up for such discussion unless she has some personal issues with you.

Secondly, try to draw closer to her and place your RIGHT HAND below her left ear down to the neck. Move your hand up and down over that area for two or three times.

That particular area has a sensitive artery that carries oxygen and blood to the brain and when touched, sparks a reaction. And by then, she is getting relaxed as her body has been stepped down by those touches.

Thirdly, try as much as you can to kiss that left neck and over to her lips with your hand on the tip of her breast. Later tap the tips of her breast with your lips for maximum sensation.

At this point, the work is almost done. She is now on the mercy of your capacity as a man. You can now go ahead to pull the clothes if at all she has never done that earlier on.

Finally, slide your hand on her clitoris (the most sensitive part of her body), touch it for some minutes for her arousal before sliding in your third leg.

Honestly by this time, she might have thrown your boxes to an unknown destination.

In essence, I’m not encouraging sexual immorality among the young ones but if you have gotten married, then those tips listed above should be incorporated to your marriage life

How to get a Nigerian lady in the mood before having sex with her? Share with friends, maybe he’s never had that best time with his bae.

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