How To Cope With Anxiety When Alone

How to cope with anxiety when alone. Mental health has become one of the most talked-about topics recently, especially due to an unprecedented spike in mental health issues experienced during the pandemic.

Various factors such as unemployment, the stress of infection, isolation, and loneliness played a major role.

While people who had mental health issues like depression and anxiety saw a relapse of symptoms, others who had never experienced these issues before saw a rise of new symptoms.

One of the most common mental health issues experienced by people around the world includes anxiety.

While anxiety is categorised into various types, symptoms of one can overlap the other, and it is generally described as overthinking or over analyzing a situation, or being worried about a certain event to an extent that it starts to interfere with your everyday life and activities.

Anxiety can cause fatigue, restlessness, and make you feel uneasy. While feeling a little jittery, or having cold feet before an event is absolutely normal, anxiety is when you feel those things for trivial and normal situations as well.

How To Cope With Anxiety When Alone

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions and the lockdown, many people around the world are stuck alone, away from their families.

Not only can this situation give way to anxiety, but can also make it difficult for them to deal with it.

Whether you are feeling anxious as you live alone, or are just anxious at night when everyone in your family is sleeping, here are some tips that will help you cope with the unwanted feeling.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Yes, this holds true even for our mental health. We must make it a point to keep our emotional wellbeing in mind before tending to the world’s worries.

After all, if we are healthy, we can keep others happy and safe.

Coming Back To The Now

Conscious effort should be made to un-trap ourselves from the mind’s movie. How do we do that?

The most magical tool at your disposal which will allow you to acknowledge the present moment is your breath.

And with that awareness, we engage in things that are present around us.

Get In Touch With Your Body

It is always a healthy practice to be aware of our physical existence. The proof of our physical existence is our body.

Oiling your hair, giving yourself a massage, enjoying your bath time or simply caressing your body for a few seconds has the power to calm the nervous system.

Cook, Dance, Draw, Paint, Create

Touch fresh fruits and vegetables; observe the beautiful texture, colour and shape. Play your favourite music and move where your body takes you, without judgment.

There are guided blind drawing sessions available online that can help you stay grounded.

By doing this, you remind yourself that there is another reality that is right in front of you, that you have access to, at any time.

Search For Good News

It is our duty to take care and regulate our system and hence we can make it a point to actively search for positive things happening around the world.


Accepting the comfort and intimacy of a friend, family member or spouse is a great way to be kind to yourself.


It is not only important to do these activities, but to also remind yourself that you are taking the required steps to build immunity.

This reminder will allow you to build trust in yourself and in the process of building emotional immunity so that you can fall back on them.

Now with unlocking phase fast-paced, and things getting on track once again, we need to realize that we can’t forever stay confined in our homes.

A smart way to deal with it is to accept the circumstances, equip ourselves with the help of these simple measures and continue the stride.

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