How To Be Emotionally Strong If You Or A Loved One Has Coronavirus -

How To Be Emotionally Strong If You Or A Loved One Has Coronavirus

It is a situation that no one has been taught to be prepared for – a pandemic! Perhaps, the worst situation at the present would be the scenario to be tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

So far, at least 2 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in Nigeria, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health headed by Osagie Ehanire.

We all need to be prepared for the situation, yet, we need to stay strong emotionally during a disease outbreak. After all, our emotional health does affect our physical health.

But what if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with the virus? How do we keep our momentum going emotionally?

COVID-19: How to stay mentally strong during a pandemic

Accept It

It can be very shocking at first and many can even go into denial. The sooner you accept this the better it is for your treatment. Accepting it doesn’t mean resigning to fate but to take charge of it.

Process It

Perhaps, the hardest step. Many people go into an existential crisis mode during such a situation – especially when the fate of COVID-19 treatment and vaccine is unknown, the fear may take over you. Acknowledge it. It may take you some time to process it.

Don’t Panic

It only worsens things. Panic lowers your immune response. It does not mean “The End” and is not a death sentence. Being tested positive for the virus may sound like one to you but the reality is that each day scientists are trying hard to find a solution.

Be Hopeful

Hope is the biggest factor that keeps people going and gets them better. A 2009 study performed by Rasmussen et al suggests that optimism is a significant predictor of positive results for physical health. Those who show high resilience and hope fare better in the face of cancer, natural disasters and even surgery.

Good Coping Skills

Even if you are quarantined, try to follow some basic good coping skills versus bad. Don’t go into a bad routine and cut off all social contacts (digital). Instead, try to keep up the basic routine, get some movement and stay connected with family.

Stress Relief And Positivity Building Practices

Meditate regularly, and if you can then even exercise. Try to write out your thoughts if they start to become too stressful.

In case none of these help, report to your doctor about your mental state or try to get in touch with a mental health specialist.

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