{Video}: How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost In Nigeria?

How much does cosmetic surgery cost in Nigeria? Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure to surgically alter or reconstruct features of the human body.

In the last couple of years, the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Nigeria has skyrocketed with many females looking for the ideal figure.

There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery or body enhancement has come to stay in Nigeria.

The societies have never been the same since the adoption of cosmetic surgery services in the country.

This body enhancement procedure navigates across culture, religion and ethnicity, and majority of the people that crave for this surgery are majorly youths.

When 27-year-old Modupe Ozolua introduced her plastic surgery company, Body Enhancement in 2001 in Nigeria, she promised that her introduced business held the secret to a youthful appearance with offerings of plastic surgeries, facelift, Botox, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, laser liposuction among others.

Despite the criticism from members of the public, her expensive service attracted the middle class of the society.

Among those who embraced this new method is the self-confessed liposuction doer, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa.

While there are various reasons why people have adopted this service in a country that comprises (mainly) conservatives, cosmetic surgery is becoming a fast-rising favourite in the Nigerian society today.

However, for the fact that celebrities now dive into it means it’s now a social etiquette, well accepted by many who in one way or the other admire the aesthetical look of the individual that undergoes such transformation.

For some of the celebrities who engage in cosmetic surgery, they did it either to get endorsement, for personal reasons or to create social awareness and attract attention.

This was clear evidence in the life of some foreign celebrities such as Micheal Jackson, Nicky Minaj, Beyonce’, Kim Kardashan among others who have millions of followers on their social media handles and such body enhancement has been the sole key to their global stardom. However, Nigerian celebrities and models too are not left out.

In December 2017, the Nigerian social media space was tore apart with information that seemed not common to the conservative Nigerian culture.

Linda Ikeji TV, owned by Nigerian famous blogger Linda Ikeji, aired a trailer of Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh showing her enhancement procedure.

From all indications, Tonto Dikeh herself was happy with the new enhancement and had even posted pictures of her new body look on her social handles.

Also, popular Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky cannot stop crushing on himself and he does so without any apologies.

Every day, Bobrisky gushes about his transformation and how much money he spends looking good.

The male-babe took to his social media page to gush over his lips. According to him, his doctor did a perfect job on him.

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Celebrities such as Onyi Alex, Karen Igho, Ini Edo, Toke Makinwa, Rukky Sanda and Caroline Danjuma who were said to have had liposuction and breast implants, were not left behind.

Meanwhile, stories abound about those who successfully benefitted from the procedure, like those mentioned above, while there are others who attempted it but never lived to tell the story due to unforeseen complications.

First, former first lady of Nigeria, Stella Obasanjo who died of a tummy tuck in Spanish hospital, is still fresh in the minds of many Nigerians.

Just before now, the news of the death of a 27-year-old lawyer made headlines.

The lady, identified as Eno, was said to have had a buttock enhancement surgery at a private medical facility in Abuja but died due to complications.

Recently, Adepoju Anuoluwapo, a Lagos doctor is now being arraigned after performing cosmetic surgery on a client who later lost her life as the procedure allegedly failed.

A document relating to the case alleged that the surgery she performed had prompted the death of Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo that resulted from surgery complications as well.

Actually, the risk involved in cosmetic surgery has inevitably triggered many questions: Is cosmetic surgery really death by choice?   Is the supposed ‘ideal’ beauty or perfect looks worth the stress?

Despite all these, many Nigerians are eager to undergo the procedure in order to achieve their dream of perfect physique regardless of the implications and its impacts on their general well-being.

And no one can deny the fact that, cosmetic surgery is fast-rising in Nigeria.

But if I may ask; does that “dreamed look” worth it?

How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost In Nigeria?

The cost for cosmetic surgery in Nigeria depends majorly on the surgeon involved (his or her professionalism) and the location.

Procedures  Cost in Naira

1        Hymenoplasty      950000 – 1026000

2        Vaginoplasty        950000 – 1026000

3        Liposuction 1140000 – 1216000

4        Tummy Tuck   1710000 – 1786000

5        Breast Reduction  3800 – 3900         1406000 – 1482000

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