It has been estimated that 415 million people are living with diabetes in the world and 46% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed. Diabetes prevalence has been rising more rapidly in middle and low-income countries. The world has gone past the issue of prevention to seeking ways to manage diabetes due to the constant increase in its prevalence as shown in world’s statistics for diabetes. However, below are ways we can manage diabetes.

EAT BALANCED MEALS: Make effort to ensure that every meal has a combination of starches, fruits and vegetables, proteins and fats. Since carbohydrates supplies sugar to the body, when eating go for the ones that are low in carbohydrates i.e fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They contain fibers that help to keep your blood sugar levels more stable, they are better for you than other forms of carbohydrate. Ask for the recommendation of a dietician on best food combinations for you.

LEARN THE PORTION SIZES OF EACH TYPE OF FOOD: Learn what portion size is appropriate for each type of food recommended by your doctor. Healthy eating is healthy living and you need to know the best combination of food types for you. It is very compulsory you learn how to count carbohydrates because they have the biggest impact on your blood sugar level than any other type of food. Make effort to write down portions for the food you eat often, use a scale or measuring cup to have an accurate count and portion size.

FREQUENT EXERCISE: When you exercise, your muscles use glucose (sugar) for energy and this would help to reduce your blood sugar level. Make an exercise plan with your doctor to know which exercise is best for you. Your doctor can recommend the best balance of exercise for you. Adults are to exercise at least 30 minutes a day on most days of the week.

Keep constantly checks on your blood sugar level before, during and after exercise so that you maintain the sugar level that is appropriate for you. Also drink plenty of water when exercising as dehydration can cause your blood sugar level to increase.

CUT YOUR BEVERAGE INTAKE: Sweetened beverages are usually high in calories and little in nutrition and they cause blood sugar to rise quickly. So it is best to avoid these types of drinks if you have diabetes, they are best for people with low blood sugar level and is effective for raising their blood sugar. Stay away from soda, juice and sport drinks, take more of homemade fruit extracts, fruit and vegetable smoothies.

GET PROPER MEDICATION: Only make use of medications prescribed by your doctor and take them as directed, do not skip any of your medications. If you are sick, get recommendation from your doctor on drugs to take, do not buy over-the counter medication except under prescription. When given a new medication, find out the effect it would have on your blood sugar level. Some liquid medications are most times sweetened to cover their bitter taste, check in with your doctor before taking any of such drugs. If your medication causes your blood sugar level to drop too low or too high, report such problems to your doctor.

AVOID STRESS: Stress causes the body to produce hormones which may cause a rise in your blood sugar level. Learn relaxation techniques, prioritize your tasks but set limits, avoid common stressors. Stress would make it difficult for you to follow up with your diabetes management plan, do more exercises to help relieve stress and lower your blood sugar level. You can also learn new coping skills and solve stressful problems by talking to a psychologist.


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