How Can I Use Uda Seed For Breast Firming? -

How Can I Use Uda Seed For Breast Firming?

How can I use Uda seed for breast firming? Negro pepper also known as Uda seed, is an aromatic spice commonly used in flavouring foods in certain parts of the world, including Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Brazil, among other countries.

The botanical name of uda seed or negro pepper is Xylopia aethiopica from the Annonaceae family.

It is called Uda in Igbo language, and Eeru Alamo in Yoruba language. In some parts of the world, Negro Pepper is also known as grains of selim.

However, this article discusses some of the numerous benefits of uda seed especially here in Nigeria or Igboland.

One thing about Negro pepper is that it is versatile in nature, i.e. its bark, seeds, stem, fruit and leaves can be used for several purposes, ranging from culinary, medicinal, and sexual purposes.

With that said, some celebrities mostly female have under gone breasts enlargement in order to look more beautiful, attract attention and to keep their breasts in shape.

But what if you don’t have such money to undergo surgical and breast enlargement, and you desire a firm breast?

Perhaps you need it because your breast is starting to sag and point downward, and you want it to remain firm. What will you do then? Are there alternative to that?

If that is the case, then I encourage you to read this informative post because there is a natural way to achieve this using Uda seed and more.

How Can I Use Uda Seed For Breast Firming?


  • Boil Uda seed but just the seed, and do not boil with the peel
  • Take this for 7-days and your breasts will gradually gain good shape and improves firmly. More research needed

Other Health Benefits Of Uda Seed…

Health benefits of uda seed and side effects
Health benefits of uda seed and side effects

Ever wonder why Uda water is given to a woman who just gave birth?

Uda water helps to flush toxic and foreign substances from the body. It also helps to get her back to her fit.

How Can I Use Uda To Make My Menstruation Flow Well?

Boil Uda water and little garlic, take this three days before your menstrual flow and you will experience pain free menstrual flow.

How To Use Uda Seed For Flat Tummy?

Boil Uda and ginger then drink to achieve Flat tummy.

How To Use Uda Seed For Fibroid?

For fibroid treatment, boil Uda seed and add it enough alligator pepper and drink a full glass three (3) times daily.

Can Uda Seed Prevent Pregnancy?

Uda seed has been reported to induce abortions and help prevent pregnancy.

To use Uda seed to prevent pregnancy, follow the procedure below;

  1. Get a sizable quantity of Uda seed
  2. Wash with a clean water and drain the water thereafter
  3. Put the seed in pot and add about 60cl of water or equivalent of sachet water
  4. Boil for about 5 minutes and allow to cool
  5. Separate or strain out the liquid and pour in a container. Store in a cool place or better still refrigerate
  6. Then shake very well for even mixture and take a glass of the concoction immediately after intimacy to prevent pregnancy. Although, some prefer taking it before intimacy.
  7. For more efficacy, soak in hot drink or dry gin.

However, more medical evidence is needed that links Uda seed and miscarriage.

How can I use Uda seed for breast firming? Try it out and feel free to share with others…And for more complicated issues, visit a DOCTOR.

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