{Video}:How Can I Prevent My Breast From Sagging After Breastfeeding?

How can I prevent my breast from sagging after breastfeeding? During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women experience dramatic and rapid breast changes.

In fact the most they’ll experience in their whole lives! Many women worry that breastfeeding will make them have saggy breast or boobs, but in actual fact, it’s the changes that occur during pregnancy that are more likely to be the culprit.

The dramatic increase in size and subsequent fluctuations will cause the skin to STRETCH and CONTRACT. This puts a fair degree of stress on the skin as it has to adapt based on breast mass.

Just like your pregnant belly, the ability for the skin to recover from stretch is largely down to genetics, and the stress which increased breast size and weight puts on the skin.

However, while there’s no magic cure for sagging, a few things can help keep it to a minimum and preserve a younger more youthful appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How Can I Prevent My Breast From Sagging After Breastfeeding?

Eat Healthy Food


Are you aware that a healthy food or diet translates to a healthy body? Actually, healthy diet will help you retain healthy skin, collagen levels and reduce the risk of obesity.

An unhealthy weight can lead to additional fat stores and an increased your bust (a woman’s chest as measured around her breasts) size.

Put On Good & Supportive Bra

A sexy lady
A sexy lady

A supportive bra is the key to maintaining the firmness of the bust, as this will support the breasts when under strain.

This can be done during exercise, premenstrual increase, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hydrate & Moisturise


Other ways to support your skin’s natural elasticity are to moisturise and hydrate it. Keeping your body well hydrated will help to ensure your skin remains youthful and nourished, reducing your risks of wrinkling and dehydration.

A healthy skin will perform better. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

Also, moisturising your skin and keeping it from drying out will help it cope better with fluctuations.

Sleep On Your Back


In order to reduce the strain on your ligaments, try sleeping on your back. If you find this too uncomfortable or you’re pregnant, try sleeping on your side while wearing a sleep bra for extra support.

Protect Your Breast From The Sun

A lady with big breasts
A lady with big breasts

If you know you will be out and about in the sun, it’s best to wear a high protection sunscreen to not only save your skin’s elasticity, but also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Your décolletage skin (a woman’s cleavage as revealed by a low neckline on a dress or top) is thinner and more penetrable than on your arms and legs, so cover up if you know you’re going to be exposed.

If you want to wear a low cut top and show off your cleavage, go for it, but protect them at the same time.

The sun’s UV rays are just as damaging as time itself so if you want to keep your perkiness in your breasts, stay covered.


A lady smoking weed
A lady smoking weed

It is no longer that smoking affects the lungs, it has been said that smokers are liable to die young. However, apart from this smoking also affects the skin too.

Studies revealed that smoking nicotine breaks down protein in your skin called elastin. Elastin is responsible for the elastic capabilities of your skin. Basically to stretch and recover.

Exercise Or Workout

A lady performing exercise
A lady performing exercise

Regular exercise will help to keep your skin firm and will help to reduce the amount of body fat you carry.

Light to moderate levels of exercise during pregnancy is recommended too, to help minimise unnecessary weight gain.

Make sure to wear a supportive bra at all times when doing vigorous exercise as advised earlier.

Strengthening your pectoral muscles (the ones under your breasts) as well as the muscles in your core, back and shoulders can help reduce the appearance of sag by improving overall tone and posture.

Be Refitted After Breastfeeding


You will notice over time that your breasts will decrease not only in size, but in mass too.

Most women find that after breastfeeding they are a completely new bra size compared to what they were pre-pregnancy.

It is recommended to be fitted by a professional bra fitter when your old bras no longer fit properly.

This will help to ensure your breasts continue to be properly supported and reduce any further sag.

A well-fitting bra will help to lift your breasts into place and provide them with much needed support and comfort.

When All Fails, Then There Is A Breast Lift Surgery


This procedure is called a Mastopexy procedure.  Basically, the excess skin is removed and tightened. This lifts the breasts back to where they were previously or even higher.

The procedure is similar to a breast reduction but without the removal of the fatty tissue underneath.

NOTE: Discuss with your doctor before undergoing Mastopexy procedure.

In conclusion, if you follow these basic steps, not only will you be leading a healthy lifestyle, but you may not have to worry as much about breast sagging.

Just like grey hair and wrinkles, sagging of the skin in general is inevitable with AGE, but you can try to delay it as much as possible.

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