Exercise can help reduce the likelihood of chronic conditions like heart disease, type-2 diabetes and depression. Study recommends exercise as therapy to depression. Getting physically active can also reduce the chances of developing all types of cancer too.

Physical activity is simply a body movement to improve or maintain fitness. It includes running, walking, swimming and other more vigorous intensity activities. Exercise in most times is referred as a perfect medicine in that it helps improve heart and lung efficiency and function. It increases lean body mass and strength, which in turn improves brain function.

Exercise helps both physically and psychologically. You don’t have to run a marathon or jog around the neighbourhood to get it done properly. Exercise can include walking, swimming or jogging. Anything that elevates your heart rate will work. To exercise successfully, make a SMART plan and stick to it. Look at your work and family schedules ahead of time and find the places where exercise fits in. After you identify a time in your schedule, no matter how big or small. Even 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at noon and 10 minutes after work make a difference.

Exercise should be coupled with good nutrition such as vegetable fruits, lean cuts of meat and tree nuts. Eliminate all added sugar and sugar substitutes. Stay away from refined and highly processed grains, processed foods and fast foods. It is better to exercise a little, than not at all. Stay motivated by finding a friend or partner to exercise with so that each can hold the other accountable. Tracking your progress through fitness trackers, apps and online trackers is useful too.



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