Hong Kong Researchers Finally Develop Coronavirus Vaccine -

Hong Kong Researchers Finally Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Hong Kong researchers have already developed a vaccine for lethal Chinese coronavirus. However, scientists need time to test it, according to infectious diseases expert Professor Yuen Kwok-Yung.

Scientists in mainland China and the United States were also separately hurrying to supply a vaccine for the new virus that killed hundreds of people and infected thousands of others.

Yuen, chair of infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and his team discovered that they are working at the vaccine.

Without giving a particular time body on when it might be provided to the patients, Yuen told SCMP they have already produced the vaccine. However, the chairperson said the vaccine needs protracted time to be tested.

He stated it might take months to test the vaccine on animals and at least another year to conduct scientific trials on humans before it was matched for use.

HKU researchers primarily based the test on a nasal spray influenza vaccine previously invented by Yuen’s group.

Researchers altered the flu vaccine with coronavirus’ antigen. The modification, according to the researchers, could prevent influenza viruses as well as the new coronavirus, which causes pneumonia.

The vaccine, if correctly tested, might be the answer to a disease that infected more than 4,000 people worldwide and killed hundreds in mainland China.

Hong Kong had confirmed at least eight cases. More than 70 people with suspected cases were reported as of midday Tuesday. More than 100 humans are currently isolated in public hospitals.


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