Home Workouts – The New Way To Staying Fit?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, and our perception towards our health and fitness is definitely one of them.

As we stay at home, eat healthy, exercise regularly, maintain more than regular hygiene by washing our hands and sanitizing everything we bring from outside, a lot of us have come to the realization that life as we knew it, has changed and will continue to be that way, even when the virus is finally gone.

As a measure to curb the coronavirus pandemic, various countries, had imposed a lockdown. While the restrictions are lifted in some of these places around the world, they continue in others. Read Also: How To Exercise With The Kids At Home During COVID-19 Lockdown

As a precautionary measures, public spaces like clubs, malls, gyms, etc were closed, and continue to stay closed even in the red and orange zones, after the lockdown has been relaxed on 4th of May.

The popular opinion, however, is that even after the gyms open up, a lot of people would prefer to not go there, and find alternate ways of including physical activity, exercise in their routine.

Home workouts – The new way to staying fit?

As gyms around the world are closed, people have opted for home workouts, which they seem to be enjoying more than ever. Home workouts have definitely given people the freedom to work out at their own will, without time restrictions.

Some people are also less conscious and able to perform better, with nobody around. People are also realising that they do not need to spend so much money on a gym membership to stay fit. As people stay home, they are finding new, innovative ways to replace the gym equipment and find their way to fitness.

As for the spread of infections, gyms had been called out as the ‘hotspots’ of the coronavirus spread, in the beginning of the pandemic. They were one of the first places to be closed down to slow down, and prevent the spread of the infection.

Gym machines, weights, and places around the gym are constantly touched by so many people who come there. These people are also constantly touching their face, water bottles, face towels, etc. which can increase the risk of the spread of infections, such as the coronavirus.

As much as they may want, gym administration cannot practically keep sanitizing or disinfecting all surfaces, since they are so many. While you exercise, you may also need to place your stuff on surfaces around you, which can act as a link for the transmission of the virus.

While it is a personal call to go back to the gym or workout from home once the situation normalises, we know that it is not going to be anytime very soon. However, exercise still remains extremely important to stay healthy, and must be included in your routine in some way or the other.

Always remember to stay safe!!!

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