Here’s How To Sanitise 8 Most Touched Objects At Home

The spread of Coronavirus has increased the demand for disinfectants like soaps, sanitisers, bathroom cleaners, and much more. The demand for face masks and gloves also increased.

This is because one is likely to get infected by the virus either by coming in direct contact with the infected person or by indirectly exposing oneself to the surfaces where infected droplets exist.

So even if you are staying at home and reducing your contact with the world, there are chances that your surroundings become carriers of the virus.

It is thus essential to disinfect every possible item in our homes or office spaces almost every day. We may not be able to contribute to weeding out the problem at a large scale but we can sure prevent ourselves and our loved ones from catching it.

There are so many surfaces and items that we ignore, not intentionally but we just happen to ignore them as we focus more on sanitising and washing our hands. But just following the 20-second hand wash rule and staying home is not enough; we need to do more!

Every day, despite the lockdown, there is one person who leaves the house to get essential grocery items or some other essential activity. Anything or anyone that goes outside the house or comes inside comes in contact with other people, so there is a possibility of exposure to the virus.

As we know Coronavirus is capable of living on surfaces like clothes or plastic for a considerable amount of time, it becomes extremely important to clean and disinfect such surfaces. Here are a few things that we think need urgent cleaning from your end.

Doorknobs and doormats

These are one of the first things that a person is likely to touch while coming inside the house. Make it a point that you clean them and disinfect them almost every day.

Clean the surface with soapy water and avoid touching them too often. Also, make sure you disinfect them.How To Clean Your Home And How Often You Need To Do So During This Pandemic

Sofa sets, chairs, bed covers and sheets

If someone comes from outside and lies down on any of these surfaces, make it a point that you both clean and disinfect it. Another thing that you can do is lay a sheet on your sofa sets and your chairs every time someone from outside comes and sits.

This way you can later wash the sheet and you don’t have to undertake the tedious task of cleaning an entire sofa or chair.

Bathroom switches and toilet seats

Always clean the toilet seat after you are done using, especially when you have come from outside. This is not something that needs caution only now, but something that should be a routine practice.

Mobile phones and other screens

Your mobile phones and other screens are exposed to germs the most. This is because you literally carry them everywhere! Make sure you clean these every time you clean your hands.

Don’t go back to touching your infected and unclean mobile phone after cleaning your hand; it brings your back to square one. And while you are cleaning your screens, clean their accessories like chargers, earphones, etc. too. Use gadget sanitiser or wipes to disinfect them.

Remote controls

Your TV remote might contain germs. Make sure you wipe them with wipes or gadget sanitiser from time to time.


Also, clean the glasses and make sure you disinfect them well at your home. Wipe it with soap water and scrub them well.

Bathroom taps and faucets

Make it a practice to disinfect them after every use. Make sure you wash them with soapy water and sanitise them after using them.

Light switches

You may not realise it but the light switch at your home is one of the dirtiest spots at your home. Rub the switch with a disinfectant wipe to stay safe.

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