Here’re Mind-blowing Benefits Of Starting Your Mornings With A Cold Shower

For obvious reasons, in public boarding schools, cold water was the last thing you want to readapt to any part of your life. The wake-up call notwithstanding, starting your mornings with a cold shower has significant health benefits.

It is known to stimulate mood-boosting hormones that can uplift and revive your physical and mental wellbeing. Athletes also use Cold Water Immersion (CWI) post-workout as a performance benefit.

However, the research on the effects of cold showers is scanty, and therefore, evidence on its effectiveness is inconclusive. Not everyone will ease into cold showers similarly. Furthermore, people with underlying health issues are discouraged from any contact with the cold.

But if you’re interested in knowing how your mornings can benefit from a cold shower, here are a few.

Improve circulation and strengthen the immune system

When cold water makes contact with your skin, the blood vessels contract pushing blood to flow within your body and keep it warm. Increased circulation raises the blood oxygen level, delivering nutrients and antibodies vital to the health of your organs. More antibodies strengthen your immune system to prevent illness and fight against diseases.

Overall you’ll feel a spike to your energy levels throughout the day, fresh mental alertness, and reduce the recovery time from an injury. Next time you’re feeling sluggish and struggling to wake up, jump into the shower and turn the water temperature down.

Reduce the risk of depression

A cold shower can uplift your mood. When your body is exposed to cold water, a significant amount of electric impulses is sent from the outer nerve endings to the brain producing an anti-depressive effect.

Exposure to cold water activates the sympathetic nervous system that helps to regulate your response anytime you’re faced with a stressful situation. Regular cold showers can increase your tolerance to stress and help regulate your mood. Opt for the cold shower instead of the caffeine to perk up your morning mood.

For healthy skin and hair

Showering with cold water retains both the skin and hair’s natural oil, sebum. The absence of sebum can result in itchy chapped or cracked skin, hair breakage, and aggravate conditions like eczema. Taking a cold shower keeps the oil locked in by tightening the skin’s pores and giving it a healthy glow.

For the hair and scalp, regular use of cold water rejuvenates the hair follicles, prevents frizz by smoothening the hair shaft, and retains the natural oil giving the hair more shine. A cold shower ensures you have that fresh morning glow.

Some challenges associated

There are some downsides to taking a cold shower. Exposure can lead to a rise in your blood pressure and an accelerated heart rate. If you suffer from high blood pressure, have a heart condition, arthritis, or any other health risk, it’s best to avoid cold water.

Prolonged periods of exposure to cold water can cause hypothermia, hyperventilation, and a drop in your muscle function and threaten your health. The best way to adopt cold showers to your mornings is by gradually acclimatize to it. Adjust the temperature down every time you shower to build up your tolerance progressively to the cold.


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