Poor eyesight or eye health can affect person’s entire life and wellbeing which is why it’s very important to keep your eyes in the best condition ever possible. For this very reason, here are top tips to keep your eyes in great condition.

HAVE YOUR EYES TESTED REGULARLY: An early checkup is very vital in the sense that your optician can pick up a lot of eye conditions, such as cataract, macular degeneration and glaucoma in the early stages when treatment might be most beneficial. I know it sounds a bit scary but there is a lot of treatment available as long as these conditions are picked up early.

An eye examination may also pick up aspects of your general health that may need to be addressed, for example diabetic or blood pressure changes.

QUIT SMOKING. Did you know that smokers are three to four times more likely to go blind with macular degeneration than non-smokers? So therefore, the most important thing you can do for healthy eyes is to avoid smoking.

There is a lot of help available to give up smoking and loads of health benefits if you stop. Remember how precious sight is and how you would hate to lose it.

EAT HEALTHILY. Several researches have shown that foods that help build up macular pigment such as dark, leafy green vegetables, yellow foods, coloured berries and carrots really benefit your eye health. Try as much as you can to incorporate them into your diet in order to improve your eye health and feel more comfortable.

KEEP A HEALTHY WEIGHT: Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk for several eye problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract. Exercise regularly in order to maintain good shape and healthy living.

PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM UV LIGHT. Caps and hats can help you avoid ultraviolet (UV) light and good quality prescription or regular sunglasses with UV protection are essential too. High refractive (thin) lenses usually have UV protection built in, as do some anti-reflection coatings.

LOOK UP FROM YOUR SCREEN. Prolonged use of a computer, tablet or phone is very tiring for your eyes and can led to eyestrain, headaches and dry eyes. It’s very important to take your eyes off the screen for some minutes to avoid any form of eyestrain.

BLINK PROPERLY AND GET ENOUGH SLEEP. So many of us just make shallow blinks. To avoid dry eyes and eye fatigue blink well throughout the day. However, it’s equally important to know that rested eyes are a lot more comfortable than tired eyes. Get yourself the needed amount of sleep in order to make your eyes function properly.


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