Health: Thinking Too Much Increases Your Risk Of Early Death -

Health: Thinking Too Much Increases Your Risk Of Early Death

Are you one of those people who would be a millionaire, if you got paid for overthinking? While that is not a paid occupation yet, overthinking could definitely increase your risk of dying early, a recent study has found. Researchers at the Harvard Medical School analysed the post-death brain tissue of people who died in their 60s and 70s to tissues of people of at least a hundred years old. It was found that people who died at an earlier age had lower levels of a protein called REST – RE-1 Silencing Transcription.

This protein is responsible for quietening the brain, and stop overthinking and worrying. The REST protein can also protect against Alzheimer’s disease. An overactive brain has been linked with shorter life spans, while controlling such over-activity can extend the longevity, a study published in the journal Nature had found. Overthinking, while may seem harmless, can have certain health problems, diseases and disorders associated with it. If you are a constant over-thinker, you may be at an increased risk of the following.

BALDNESS: Overthinking, excessive worry and stress have been linked with an increased risk of baldness and alopecia (hair loss). If you think too much, you may find your hair falling at a higher rate.

HEART DISEASES: Overthinking can put your heart at risk of diseases. Chest pains, lightheadedness, etc are some of the symptoms that you may experience due to overthinking.

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES: Various mental health issues and their risk have been associated with overthinking. Overthinking and anxiety disorders have a direct relationship, and one can cause the other. Mental health disorders like depression can also be triggered due to overthinking. Substance abuse, sleep difficulties, insomnia, etc are also associated with chronic worry.


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