Have You Tasted The Other Side Of Life?

As a vibrant young man or lady you probably have finished your secondary school or other higher learning successfully. You may, perhaps, working right now or you are successful in your business. You go out and come in as you desired, no restriction, no one to harass you and you’re the one making your decisions. Waoooooo!!! What a great lifestyle, isn’t it?

If you happen to be such as person that has this great grandeur lifestyle, I want you to take some minutes and rethink. Think about those living less than yours, those living without any obvious hope for tomorrow, those that are trapped or confined within a limited space, those that injustice and prejudice has caused unbelievable nightmare.

A lady of about 22-years of age got an admission into a university to study for just four (4) years. In her first year in the university, there was no visible problem but at her 200L (second year), she engaged herself in a relationship with a young Bobo in the same faculty.

Although their relationship was romantic and there was no sentiments from any angle, but the Bobo was brave enough not to discuss with her about his affairs with her roommate. On her 3rd year in the university, specifically during second semester, she begins to feel uncomfortable with the speculations surrounding her relationship with her lover.

Rumours were flying like chats on Facebook messenger concerning her boyfriend’s affair with her roommate. With time, she couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

One day, she summoned courage to discuss the issue with her roommate but the supposed discussion turned sore. It was learnt that she slapped her roommate and she fell down and give up the ghost. She was then arrested after being confirmed guilty and placed behind bars and charged for murder.

Now she was to face the reality by living in a place she has never thought of in her entire life. She is now tasting the “other side of life”, where neither boyfriend nor fighting counts anymore. I’m quite sure she has never tasted such HADES before.

Yours might not really be the same as the above mentioned story but have you tasted that lifestyle where you have no joy, where you are constantly in pain, where foods for dogs are more better than what you eat with internal regret, where you have no option, where accident has side-lined you, where a friend has caused you to poverty, where you seem hapless, where gnashing of teeth, anxiety, crying and suffocating is just the order of the day?


From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok


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