Have You Heard About Japanese Diet? The Best Diet That Will Make You Live Longer -

Have You Heard About Japanese Diet? The Best Diet That Will Make You Live Longer

Over the past few decades or so, different diets have rose up to prominence, all promising a health benefit that can positively change your life. Of course, most of these diets focus on helping you lose weight like most diets are. However, some of these focus on something better: longevity and helping you live healthily for as long as you can.

But when there’s an abundance of diets available, it’s easy to get confused in the mix and not know when to begin. According to some health experts, the Mediterranean diet is a good place to start, which is why it’s being championed for its health benefits. However, studies show that when it comes to increasing your lifespan, the Japanese diet can offer something new. Here’s how.

The Japanese Diet

While most diets focus on helping you achieve weight loss, the ultimate goal in its core is to still help increase your lifespan. In fact, it’s practically the blueprint of eating a healthy diet, which is why it’s tailored to help you avoid suffering from chronic diseases of all sort. And now, an increasing number of studies are showing that this can be achieved by opting to try Eastern diets, such as the Japanese one.

Low in added sugar and fats (which are primary factors in developing numerous types of health-threatening diseases), the Japanese diet mainly consists of noodles, steamed rice, fish, seaweed, tofu, natto and either freshly picked or pickled fruits and vegetables. As a stark contrast to unhealthy Western eating habits, the diet may sometimes contain a modest amount of meat, dairy or eggs.

Because of these food choices, the Japanese diet is also shown to aid in weight loss, in addition to helping increase longevity. This is because traditionally, the Japanese diet has smaller portion sizes, as well as rich in both fruits and vegetables. Along with the fact that it has minimal added fat and sugars, all of these factors lead to a low calorie count, which can then help you lose weight. Along with helping you feel good, weight loss is also crucial in avoiding tons of health problems.

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