From Common To Classy, Accessories That’ll Change Your Style -

From Common To Classy, Accessories That’ll Change Your Style

You’re not alone. Especially if you currently feel like your styling game needs an upgrade. Fortunately, upgrading your style doesn’t have to be a herculean task if you focus on the right elements. One of such elements to focus on is upgrading your accessory game.

Accessories are like ice cream toppings. Mixing the right toppings with the right ice cream flavour will guarantee a cone or bucket full of ice cream you can savour.

In the same way, matching accessories rightly for the right occasion will have you looking like a million bucks. For instance, matching an inexpensive attire with an elegant accessory will take away the eyes of people from the attire to accessory instead.

Some of the various accessories you may want to consider including in your wardrobe include;


Whether it’s low-heeled sandals or flat ones, you cannot deny that this footwear comes in handy most especially during casual or semi-informal occasions.

These days, with the diversity of cuts, designers, and styles, it’s not difficult finding the right pair of sandals befitting of your style.


Earrings are one of the common jewellery worn by individuals. This means that when it comes to accessorizing with earrings, your game has to be on point.

Statement earrings matching both your skin tone and shape of your face are highly important features to factor in.


Bracelets can have a huge impact on your overall outfit more than you can imagine.

The most important rule in wearing bracelets is to be cautious of how you mix and match. You do not want to end up bulking your wrists with random bracelets. Additionally, you want to keep your bracelet game classy.


Asides being a part of our traditional attire, head wraps easily transform even the most boring of looks by making a phenomenal statement. What’s more, a headwrap can save you from a bad hair day.


What better way to shine on your admirers than wearing a pair of statement earrings?

Don’t forget to go for sunglasses which suit the shape of your face. Remember to minimize other accessories when sporting your sunglasses to let them shine.



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