Actually for them being wealthy and possessing luxurious materials are the way out and looking like a successful person is the only option left. They intrinsically believed that anything short of success or success-look-alike will never be acceptable to them at all cost. And that if you are not among or within that bracket of self-proclaimed successful figure, then you are likely to be an outcast.

The sole reason for this is that their sorority does not accept or welcome people who see opportunity out of crisis or those who crave for new opportunities. They believed that those who envisioned themselves beyond wealth domain are enslaved by poverty or mere lack. For them, those who seek to leave their comfort zone in order to use their gift to reach their goals are not part of their success-oriented life.

For them, being a surveyor is an outdated job that does not pay anymore. For them being a politician is like an adversary before their timid sight. For them acquiring a skill before heading to tertiary institution is like wasting of precious period of time. For them, going to the house of the lord for spiritual balance, is like a mockery to their secular lifestyle.

For them, not going to night clubs or involving in heavy drinking, I’m like a 17th century man void of exposure. For them, seeing me playing with opposite sex means I’m a whore. For them, seeing me as a unique person means I’m feeling special. For them, being a blogger means I’m a failure, who lacks credibility to seek for white collar jobs out there.

Eziokwu!!! Those inductive perceptions and apparent descriptions are for them and not for me and you. Somebody can never, no matter the circumstances, define who I ought to become. I and only I have the exclusive right to define myself. For me and not for them now, I’m an Igwe, an Oba, Sarki, limit breaker, master in handling challenges, a dude with boldness, an emperor whose feet is strong like that of the deer, an undisputed fellow, a critical thinker and a true leader. That is who I’m, what about you nwannem (my brothers and sisters)?

Well, let me leave you with this African proverb that says “Although the bat places its head downward, it is fully aware of the various directions for which birds fly”. So my beloved, define yourself, give your life direction and forbid the so-called side talks by growing thick skin over it.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok.

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