Food Chain Society By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Food chain society by Oduigwe Chidera Dok. Though is more than a decade now, but that great and amazing topic is evergreen in my medulla.

In one of our biology classes far back then in the year 2008 while I was still in secondary school, our biology class teacher introduced a very new topic expressed as “food chain”.

He even went ahead to draw the pyramid of food chain showing us how energy flows from primary producers to primary consumers to secondary consumers to the decomposers.

The energy flow chart shows us how the latter (decomposers) solely feeds on the former (secondary consumers). A perfect system where one eats the other in order to grow and survive.

Well, this might be synonymous to the present day lifestyle, where one Adamically believed that it’s normal to betray another in order to emerge as a successful figure. He or she accepts this very natural venom as etiquette in the society.

Even the so-called society has lost its ethics, values and culture to this vampire altitude.

The evidence or proof of this is been noticed when an individual who sheds blood, killed, suppress and oppress people, betrayed friends, cheats, step on people’s toes are intentionally accepted and rewarded with titles in the society.

They are now referred as a man or woman with “Lion heart” in the society. They are now a reference standard that majority are constantly emulating. Their notorious lifestyles are being incorporated into the society as the 21st  century culture and values. Hmmmm, Ukachi!!!

Here come my questions; must I be in pains before you make it bro? Must I be suppressed to earth for you to emerge at that zenith level?

Must you betray your friends in order to be above them? Must you cheat others to be successful? Must you deceive people around you in order to exercise your wisdom?

Must you break my heart in order to secure your heart desire? Biko, think over it.

Oduigwe Chidera Dok
Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Nwanne m, you can make it without operating in food chain lifestyle. You can reach that position without causing pain to anyone.

You can have that title and luxurious belongings without eating others. You can amass and accumulate wealth and earn respect from people without shedding of blood. You can succeed without acting like Jacob. You can be a prominent figure without behaving like Darth Vader.

You can choose who you love without piercing my exclusive heart. It’s possible if and only if you believe, work hard, show love, determine, care and focus. Barack Obama, former American president, once said “Yes I can”.

Truly my beloved, YOU CAN without practicing food chain lifestyle.

Do you want to live in a food chain society? Drop your comment.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok. 

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