Fitness Girls:Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Don’t Workout

Fitness girls? Personally, I love girls that workout or exercise at least during weekends. Honestly, their courage and physique, as for me, is appealing especially here in Nigeria. Unfortunately, not all Nigerian ladies or girls can engage in workout or exercise.

However, are there reasons why Nigerian ladies don’t workout?For healthy living, the importance of physical exercise to everyone’s live cannot be overemphasised. There are countless researches, blogs and articles that proved the importance of physical fitness.

Health care providers across all cultures, even movies we do watch encourage physical exercise. Yet only a handful of ladies in Nigeria have ever had a workout session either at home or at the gym centres.

Even among those handfuls who have ever worked out, only a fraction of them have a physical exercise routine that enables them workout regularly. Yet they never fail to grab any opportunity to drink juice, soft drinks, eat fried rice, chicken and other junk calories “like tomorrow no dey.”

Honestly, if you’ve ever taken any Nigeria girl or lady out, you’ll probably understand the information I’m trying to pass across. Mind you, I’m not trying to say that there are not Nigerian ladies that are sensitive over what they eat, but majority don’t consider it.

Actually, the results of these bad habits or lifestyles are there for all to see, as by the time they are approaching 25 years, they are already struggling with weight issues coupled with other health challenges such as ulcer.

They always have to wear too-tight and uncomfortable clothes in order to hold their fatty or jiggling thighs and asses in place. Some will almost starve themselves to death to have a nice physique and decently shaped tommy. But they forgot that starving can equally lead to ulcer.

For those in relationship, when their boyfriends notice such development and health challenges, they start to withdraw from the relationship which may lead to breakup if common sense didn’t reign between them.

Unfortunately, when they get married or perhaps have their first baby, they can’t manage the fat anymore. They have fattened up so much that their husbands find it so difficult to spend quality time with them. They have lost the aesthetic value of a true African queen.

However, all these self-impose embarrassment can be avoided by CONSISTENTLY working out or exercising for some hours a week. But if I may ask; what are the reasons why Nigerian ladies don’t workout?

Fitness Girls: Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Don’t Workout

  1. Lack Of Exposure:
    A lady exercising
    {Fitness girls}A lady exercising

    There is no doubt that lack of exposure might be a contributing factor to limited exercising time among Nigerian ladies. I had a female friend while in the university, she doesn’t fancy anything exercise at all.

But after finishing her undergraduate studies here in Nigeria and went to Italy for her masters, I was surprised to see Nkechi on Facebook exercising with friends.

I personally understood that, it was a very big deal for her to exercise here reason because she rarely finds it common among her peers while studying in Nigeria.

  1. Nobody To Motivate Them:

    Second to exposure is lack of motivation among Nigerian ladies. It will not be surprising that among some sorority of Nigerian ladies, you may find none that make out time to workout or exercise.

The sole reason behind this is that, there is no one or friend to motivate and hold them accountable for their fitness routine.

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle:
    A lady doing eye-makeup
    A lady doing eye-makeup

    One Nigerian President once said that “Nigerian youths are lazy.” Although, I personally didn’t support such notion but when considered in the other perspective, it seems true.

Some Nigerian ladies don’t like to stress themselves. They find it so difficult to walk to a nearby shop, market or destination rather they chose to move with Keke or bike.

But many of them can spend several hours surfing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapping, but will not make out even an hour to exercise or even run.

  1. Cultural Barrier:

    Yes, cultural barrier is another contributing factor. It’s obvious that ladies or girls from southern part of Nigeria can workout without thinking twice or without being perceived as “loosed babes” than their counterpart from the Northern part.

Majority of Nigerian northern ladies are not encouraged by their environment to exercise, especially publicly and this has its negative impact on them.

  1. Lack Of Finance:
    Fitness girls_lifting_weight.jpg

    Actually, finance cannot be considered a key factor but it has a role to play as well. This is especially for those ladies that their environment doesn’t encourage public workout.

Meanwhile, for the fact that there is some economic quake in the country, many people are struggling with their finances, the last thing that will come to the mind of any Nigerian lady is go for registration in the gym centre.

Hence, the very opportunity to exercise, workout and remain fit will definitely be hampered.

Fitness girls? Finally, you can equally drop your reasons why Nigerian ladies don’t workout on the comment box below. Also, do you want to become one of the “fitness girls” in town?………

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