Fashion And Today’s Woman

Fashion and today’s woman? How do you view fashion and being trendy? Life in a modern community is far more controlled by fashion than we may realize.

Fashion cuts across every aspect of our daily lives ranging from the kind of houses we live in; to the kind of books we read; to the association we keep; the way we dress, our religion, and so on.

Fashion is the material expression of new ideas and thoughts. Fashion is a way of life. It is, in fact, the commercial exploitation of man’s restless quests for something new in an ever-sophisticated society.

As women, fashion plays an important role in our daily lives. Fashion relates to designs of clothes, hair styles, and accessories such as jewelry, shoes, bags, cosmetics and other things that shape us.

What informs your choice of clothes, jewelry, hair do, perfume and cosmetics? Do you buy and use things because others are using them or because they are in vogue?

What does fashion mean to you? The saying that one is addressed the way one is dressed is true at all times.

If a person is attending an interview, he stands a better chance of getting the job if he or she is dressed appropriately and fashionably compared to a candidate who dressed shabbily.

It is good for women to dress well and neatly at all times. It is also beautiful keep up with the latest fashion. It is splendid to be fashionable.

However, women should be very careful so as not to be slaves to fashion and trend. Many have lost control of their desires and cravings.

For some women, their fashion sense dictates their personality and such women have become fashion crazy.

Some spend a lot of money (even borrowed) to buy trendy, designer brand and fashionable clothings. We always appear to be competing with one another.

Most of us do not even care whether our clothes fit us or not and if they are appropriate for the occasions we attend with them.

We do not care if the creams we use suit our skin or not. We care less if our men can afford the ‘big cars’ or not.

They must provide all that the other women have no matter how they make the money.

Our bragging rights must be maintained. Our concern is to show off wealth at all times. We carry on with the “pepper them” or “I better pass my neighbour” mentality.

The poorer ones who cannot afford to spend huge amount on clothes and accessories feel oppressed and out of place most times, and eventually alienate themselves.

Many of us have fallen victims of fashion and have even developed medical conditions. There had been cases, some fatal, of women consuming slimming drugs that are not approved by the medical authorities.

Many stars had died of such slavery. It is important for women to feel confident with the way they look and be contended with what they can sincerely afford (not neglecting looking good).

Moderation should be the watchword. The best ways to ensure a fulfilling life are eating good food, living healthy and active life, exercising regularly; and most importantly, devoting our time and effort to doing good.

Let us channel our energy towards becoming better persons and strive to be less fashion crazy.


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This very article is written by: Sarah Sam-Aguihe.



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