Why Nigerian Police Should Undergo Mental Check-Up

Why Nigerian police should undergo mental check-up. The level of intimidation and brutality from the hands and actions of Nigerian police over the citizens has become worrisome for some years now.

Police that are meant to protect and safeguard lives have turned to the opposite without the government or the law makers raising any voice over such an agony in the country.

From collecting money from drivers, searching of individual cell phones, public harassment without concrete reason to shooting without second thought.

And if an individual table complains over such maltreatment from the Nigeria police, the favour will definitely shift to the side of the police, thereby putting the lives of the citizens into jeopardy and fear.

However, let’s consider some obvious reasons why Nigerian police should undergo mental check-up.

  1. High Level Of Ignorance

It seems like there are high level of ignorance among Nigeria police department. As you know, ignorance is a disease and it has the ability to turn and ruin one’s character.

A video went viral some weeks ago over how a Nigerian police confront a peaceful protester and said to him “I will shoot u and nothing go happen”. Imagine such brutal statement!!!

With that and others, one will not doubt the fact that there are high levels of disorder or ignorance among Nigerian police force. And this must be put to check if something good is expected from the Nigeria Police department.

  1. Lack Of Basic Education

Although “common sense” can’t be achieved through education, but it’s not dead in one’s life. It’s through education or basic one that I acquired the ability to convey this info to you.

When basic education is nowhere to be found in one’s life, he or she starts to misbehave or act gaga. And same is similar to the altitude of the Nigerian police force.

  1. Corruption

Corruption destroys a nation and it acts like a virus that damages a whole system.

In Nigeria, you will notice that an individual who lacks the capacity and character to be in police department, as police personnel.

Why? It’s due to corruption among those recruiting persons into the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).

For the fact that his or her brother is in Police force, then he or she must be a police despite his health or mental status.

In reality, one needs to know that corruption is at its peak in Nigeria and is like little, little foxes that spoils the vine.

The altitude of Nigerian police toward the citizens indicates high level of corruption among those at the helm of affairs in Nigerian police.

Hence, such level of corruption must be addressed as quickly as possible.

  1. Greediness

Greediness goes hand-in-hand with corruption. When greediness sneaks in the life of an individual, white will always appear black instantly.

If truth must be told, then one must confess how greediness masked the Nigerian police department.

And for this department to yield positively, such devilish character must be put to check.

  1. Lack Of Professionalism

Finally, it’s crystal clear that Nigerian police department lacks professionalism among their personnel. Although there may be exception, but few.

Do they even go for professional classes in order to improve themselves? Do they know what it actually takes to be a policeman? Do they know the dos and don’ts?

Does policing involve collecting bribe and maltreating people? Does it mean harassing people? Does handsome guy or beautiful girl a “Yahoo” person?

Does searching of people’s cell phone part of the deal? Honestly, these and some other issues need to be addressed if Nigerian police departments should function properly again.

In conclusion, Nigerian police needs total mental assessment and those factors mentioned above should be considered in order to avoid police intimidation and cruelty in Nigeria.

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