Little did I know about her and most times I let her down, call her names, neglect her and forsake her. I usually act or behave like a vagrant in some situations that concerns her. I regarded her not and I strongly believed that she can’t offer anything positive in my whole life.

Then, I was totally carried away by her physique just because outwardly she is not beautiful, physically fit, enticing, matured or up to self-set standard. I don’t usually consult her whenever I want to make a step or handle issues around me. My destructive and blind decisions are always futile as far as I didn’t seek for her contributions and directions. Then, I was honestly dwelling in darkness without any knowledge of light someday. Then, I was not aware that the person I was kicking out of my life was actually the true light and success I have been longing for years now.

Though, despite my sore attitude towards her, she still stands firm waiting for me. Despite not recognizing her in my life, she still believed that one day I will definitely search for her. Despite the fact that I neglected her at some point, she was solidly behind me yearning for union. Waoooo!!! I was greatly amazed and astonished by her rare kindness and meekness.

I’m fully aware that you may be wondering about the person I’m really talking about. Well, if you really want to know, this person is WISDOM. Remember that wisdom is the principal thing and that it’s your level of wisdom that distinguish you from others. It brings light into your life and makes way for you. Wisdom can’t run away from you, it’s always there lying quietly for you to seek for her and once you embrace her, onye m you don make am. She will teach, instruct, lead, help, guide, direct, empower and fortify you with the necessary building blocks you need to have in order to succeed in life.

My dear, if you have in one way or the other kicked out or neglect wisdom in your life, please I urge you to go look for her and embrace her. Don’t be like that foolish man or woman who didn’t know that his or her earthly race requires wisdom. That person who didn’t know, his or her decisions should be rooted in wisdom. That individual who is not aware, his or her relationship or marriage needs wisdom to function properly. That person who didn’t recognize that the very challenges facing him or her right now requires wisdom to handle it. Please don’t be like him who forgot that for his business to grow, wisdom is highly required.

In fact, the absolute journey of human life requires wisdom. So therefore, embrace her today, not tomorrow, and see the ultimate change in your life. The book of Proverbs says “Exalt her and she shall promote you, she shall bring you to honour when you embrace her”. That’s just what wisdom can do in your life whenever you made up your mind to embrace her.

From Oduigwe Chidera Dok.

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