Water retention is quite common. So, if you want to lose water weight then you are at right place as we have compiled a list of ways to get rid of just it. We know that the human body contains 60% water and the importance of water in our life is enormous.

But there is something called water retention that happens in many of us and if you are struggling to lose weight then you must be suffering from fluid retention. Water weight, also known as edema, is quite common and we may feel that we are not losing weight but the reason could be this very issue. If you are suffering from bloating, have swollen legs, feet, and ankles, witnessing puffiness in the abdomen, face, and hips area and stiff joints then you are likely suffering from  water retention or edema.


DRINK MORE WATER: Drinking more water will help you to get rid of excess water. For those who didn’t know, our body is always trying to find a healthy balance, so if you are dehydrated then the body will retain water so that our body doesn’t get too low on water at any point. Also, drinking the average amount of water daily has numerous benefits including water weight loss.

EXERCISE IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS: During the workout, we lose a lot of fluids from our bodies and this is not all, during exercise, our body shifts water into muscles as well. But as mentioned above, we should not stop or lower our water intake and during and after gym session one should drink a good amount of water.

SLEEP MORE: Are you sleeping enough? Just like diet and workout, sleep is another vital element of a weight loss journey. So go for 7-9 hours and soon you will see the difference.

TRY TO MINIMIZE STRESS: Is well-known that an increase in stress leads to an increase in a hormone called cortisol and the same influences fluid retention and water weight. So controlling stress will help to maintain cortisol and fluid balance as well.

INCREASE YOUR ELECTROLYTE INTAKE: Electrolytes which are loaded with vital nutrients such as magnesium and potassium play an important role in regulating the water balance. So one has to balance out and make sure to have the right amount of water as well as electrolytes.

SALT INTAKE MANAGEMENT: Sodium which you get from salt is one of the most common electrolytes but if the sodium levels are too low or too high then it can influence water balance in the body.

EAT MORE POTASSIUM-RICH FOODS AND GO LOW ON CARBS: If you want to combat water retention, then you have to eat more healthy foods especially potassium-rich foods. This nutrient helps to balance sodium levels and increase the production of urine which can help you to lose excess water. Therefore, one can go for leafy veggies, beans, bananas, yogurt and tomatoes among others. One can also go low on carbs too.

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