Effective Tips To Ease Trekking In Lagos After Okada Ban -

Effective Tips To Ease Trekking In Lagos After Okada Ban

It’s no longer news that Lagosians are trekking after the recent ban on commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke) by the state government on February 1, 2020.

Unfortunately, most Lagos residents have found it difficult to cope as they are yet to get used to it. However, the following tips below can help you prepare for the times ahead.

Get A Sneakers

Needing a cobbler (shoe-maker) after minutes or hours of trekking would be a shame. It is fine when you lose energy, but our shoes should be safe. A sneaker can end that problem by guaranteeing a fashionable look, reliability, and comfort.

Everyone moves freely in them and they can be rocked by employees who can easily change when they reach the office.


For those that wake up early to work, a sweater is needed because of the weather around that time of the day. Your sweater helps to safeguard your body from cold and that is very important. You cannot trek with a flu, remember.

Face Hats

As you already know, the weather in the morning will change and it could be hot in the afternoon. A face hat will be very much handy during this time to protect your face from the sun. Just make sure you have one in your bag because it could get really hot sometimes.

A Bottle Of Water

Dehydration is possible when you trek a distance for a long time, especially when the weather is hot. To remain hydrated for as long as possible, bottled water is required. This will also help your skin to appear supple and elastic.


Your skin is very important during this period as your skin will be exposed to a lot of things. It is the best time to double up on your skincare routine even if that can be hard since you will be tired from too much trekking when you finally get home.

Sunscreen can be applied for 30 minutes before you leave the house and reapplied after 2 hours for the best result.

Manage Stress And Relax

After hours of trekking, it’s important to take care of yourself by relaxing for some minutes (either in your working place or when at home). This will help you reduce stress and also enable you to gain energy back. Also, remember to eat healthy (eat foods rich in vegetables and fruits).

Finally, trekking caused by Okada (or Keke) ban is not meant to kill you rather it’s a change in lifestyle. And soon your body system will adjust to it for good.

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