Eating Restaurant Food: Are There Any Health Challenges? -

Eating Restaurant Food: Are There Any Health Challenges?

Many of us live a fast-paced and busy life that we barely have the time for other things outside of our work schedule. We are so busy that we are either too tired to cook at home or have no interest whatsoever so we rely on ordering out or stopping by a restaurant. Constantly eating out can be extremely damaging to your health because the fried chicken might have been tasty and crispy and the cold soft drink you gulped refreshing but in the long run, a whole lot of health problems are going to follow suit. However, below are reasons why you should consider eating at home more and less at restaurants.

Ever wondered why more and more people are battling with obesity in modern times. Restaurant food is extremely fattening and can raise your cholesterol levels sky-high. Restaurant food tends to contain chemicals as for instance, the meat in a burger is laden with artificial chemicals. The meat in a burger is usually scrapped meat that is flavoured for the taste buds. Most of these meats contain high amounts of ammonia, a chemical that is found in your bathroom cleaning liquid and that is hardly fit for human consumption.

Admittedly, restaurant chains are nowadays trying to tempt customers with healthier options like salads or soups, but they’re hardly healthy and are instead full of preservatives. A lot of the ingredients in restaurant food are processed foods that contain artificial chemicals like colourants, preservatives, artificial flavours and textures. Its harmful nature can never be stressed upon enough. It is extremely addictive, where the more frequently you eat it, the more you crave it until you lose all self-control. If you eat restaurant food more than once a week, you have fallen prey to the most common trend of today.

Also in essence, the carbohydrates found in refined flour are hard for the digestive tract to break down and can accumulate in the body. Consuming too much sugar especially in desserts and soda can increase your resistance to insulin and when sugar is not burnt off in the body, it leads to oodles of fat in the belly.

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