Dry Gin & Pregnancy: Can Dry Gin Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy? -

Dry Gin & Pregnancy: Can Dry Gin Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy?

Can dry gin prevent unwanted pregnancy? The effects of alcohol have been told and the use of crude methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy is on the rise among young ladies especially here in Nigeria.

Actually, the effect of alcohol on pregnancy can never be overemphasized. It ranges from stillbirths, premature delivery, congenital malformation, gastritis & stomach ulcer, damage both the liver and kidney, feotal alcohol syndrome to PREGNANCY LOSS OR MISCARRIAGE

However, for the fact that taking dry gin during pregnancy (an alcoholic drink) can lead to miscarriage, this now become one of the reasons why Nigerian ladies have devised the means of using it to abort a pregnancy.

The sad fact however is that most of these method(s) can lead to serious complications, death, infection and when it fails, birth defects for the baby which is not be reversible may occur.

It’s important to know that dry gin is an alcoholic drink (like earlier mentioned) but do you know, some ladies use it to induce abortions or prevent unwanted pregnancy?

Some even mix it with potash or ‘Alabukun powder’ and others use it to take abortion drugs too.

This combination however, can be so deadly because it might react wrongly in the body and cause damage to the womb or even death.

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