Residents of Wusar community of Igabi local government area of Kaduna State are worried following an outbreak of measles that have killed dozens of children in two months in the area. Most of the victims are children from 2 – 3 years old, according to locals in the area. The villagers said that they did not know the actual cause of the outbreak that kills their children on daily basis.

However, the outbreak which began in May, led to the death of about a hundred children, according to the village head, Alhassan Hamidu. He said most of the children were buried without being taken to hospital because there was no functional hospital in the remote village. The village head appealed to the government to come to their rescue and save their children from dying. “We are really disturbed because the children kept dying. As we speak today, we buried three children and this thing started two months ago. We are appealing to government to come and help us,” he said.

‎One of the parents, Multala Alusari, who lost his one and half year old daughter by name Zainab, said that the people in the community were now afraid as they were not sure if measles were responsible for the death of the children. “We all thought it was measles that is killing our children and so we rushed to inform the local government health officers but they didn’t visit us until the situation became worse and we don’t even have any functional Primary Health Care centre in the village. “Let me tell you, since the outbreak in May, we have so far lost about hundred children in the village because hardly a day passes by without us burying four children.

In the meantime, the director of public health, ministry of health, Dr Ado Zakari, confirmed the outbreak but said the figures quoted of the dead children were not as high as the locals mentioned. He promised to get official figures as he said already, a team from the ministry had been sent to the community to make assessment. “The figure was not up to that but we have already sent a team to the community for assessment. We have taken some support to the area but it’s not enough. This is why I will join the team to see for myself. “So, we are aware of it and we are already taking action because the measles have been going on in some local governments in the state. But I will be there myself and will let you know whatever it is,” he added.

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