Ladé – Adulthood Na Scam Mp3 Download

Ladé – Adulthood Na Scam Mp3 Download.

Nigerian singer, Lade, has said that the success of her trending song, Adulthood Anthem was beyond her expectation.

The song, released last year 2022, was one of the most used for videos on social media.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Lade said the attention the song attracted blew her mind.

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She said, “I feel blessed and honored. It is beyond my expectations, if I must be honest. I am grateful.”

Elaborating on what inspired the song, she said, “The song basically encourages people to hustle hard.

They should know that they cannot rely on anyone for help all the time. There is no manual on how to live as an adult.

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Childhood made us feel like there was some sweet and special thing that came with growing up.

But, the only things that come with it are responsibilities.”

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