If you come home tired from work, there is very little that you can do when it comes down to hitting the gym or going to your favourite pilates class. So, here is the ultimate stair workout you can do literally anywhere under 15 minutes!

Let us be honest, no matter how hard you decide to go to the gym it does take up a lot of time and effort. If you are like us, you’d probably be working for most of the day so there’s very little time and energy left to hit the gym and do a 50-minute workout. But, do not worry! There’s a way around it and you can easily squeeze in a 15-minute cardio session in your workout.

Now, most of us have access to staircases in and around where we live. It is the best accessible workout equipment you can find. Research shows that stair climbing helps strengthen and tone your leg muscles. It keeps your leg arteries flexible, allowing blood to move more easily. Better blood flow in your legs equals a healthier heart and body. With this in mind, let’s consider some ultimate stair workout that will help you:

CLIMBING STAIRS: You can start by just going up and down the stairs. You can set a goal of climbing and going down certain flights or number of stairs. The setting of goals can also depend upon time and speed. Stair climbing can be to the legs so start slowly and gradually increase the speed. You can also do the interval training where you climb a flight of stairs at a fast pace and then alternate the next one with a slower speed.

TIP: Try to avoid touching the railing for a better workout. If you are someone who is not just looking for a leg workout, the next few exercises are for you. These exercises will not only burn your calories but also tone the muscles throughout your body.

STAIR PUSH-UP; Start on the bottom of the stairs without taking a step. Slowly ease yourself over the stairs by firmly placing your hands on a step. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders. This way you will feel your core muscles working. Inhale and bend your elbows. Lower your body until your chest is just above the stairs. Exhale while straightening your arms and raising your body back to the starting position. Keep your neck and back in a neutral position. Make sure you do not put a lot of strain on them.

STAIR LUNGE: This is a normal lunge but with the help of the stairs. Start by moving your left leg backwards to rest on a step. Next, inhale while bending the knees and lowering the body. Come back to the standing position and repeat the same with the other leg. You can do the same in a set of 5 and 10. You can also do a stair lunge and pushup combo.

CRAB WALK: Start at the base of the stairs and keep your legs below you. Keep your legs apart at shoulder distance. Now, spread your arms behind you on the top step. Slowly raise your hips off the ground, tightening your glute muscles as you do so. Begin crawling up the steps by moving your opposite arm and leg backwards at the same time to the next step.

STAIR HOPS: This exercise requires you to jump the stairs with both the legs. You can either keep your feet shoulder-width apart or keep both the feet together and hop. Maintain soft knees (slightly bent knees) and swing your arms backwards. Hop up the stairs and then come down walking.

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