Does Vinegar Prevent Pregnancy? -

Does Vinegar Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Vinegar prevent pregnancy? While more research on vinegar is needed before the benefits below can be taken as true recommendations, here’s what the current science says about the possible perks of adding vinegar to your daily diet:

  1. Vinegar may have a potential role in diabetes management.
  2. Vinegar may promote heart health.
  3. Vinegar soothes sore throats.
  4. Vinegar has anti-cancer properties—at least in animals.
  5. Vinegar may help with bloating and heartburn.

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However, aside from the above mentioned health benefits among others, does vinegar prevent pregnancy?

There is a belief, especially among Nigerians, that the acidity of the vinegar will prevent or kill sperm and ultimately prevent pregnancy or induce abortion.

That it supposedly washes the sperm out of the vaginal canal. But this is not TRUE. It has no scientific proof or backup.

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Also, the suggestion that a vinegar and water douche soon after sex can prevent pregnancy is most certainly a MYTH as well.

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Sperm swim really, really fast and there is no scientific back-up that proves that vinegar can kill sperm cells after sexual intercourse.

Hence, stay away from such rumours which may affect your body system negatively.

To avoid pregnancy however, use this.

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