Does He Give You Positive Vibes? Check-out How optimistic Partner Helps You Boost Your Brainpower

Do you feel happy around your partner? Does he give you positive vibes? Well, a happy partner can keep your brain sharper in the long run, suggests research. Yes, according to a Michigan State University study, the key to have a sharper mind as you age lies in having an optimistic partner.

The study revealed that having an optimistic partner is linked with a better cognitive function. Researchers involved around 4000 couples, aged 50 and above. They had to fill up a questionnaire which included tests of short-term memory, memories of their daily lives and more.

The study found that people with optimistic partners did better cognitively than those who were not so positive in their lives.

How Can Positivity Help In Keeping Our Mind Sharp?

According to some experts, high levels of stress can actually hamper your decision-making skills and may lead to memory loss, the major pillars of cognitive function.

Since positivity or optimism keeps stress levels low, it may help your brain to carry out such functions smoothly without trouble.

General wisdom in the field on neuroscience suggests that optimism boosts the secretion of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which keeps you happy and is responsible for your decision-making skills as well. Happiness is known to have a positive impact on your mind in more ways than one.

Other Health Benefits Of Optimism

As already mentioned, seeing the glass half full or having a partner who does so, makes you sharper cognitively. But that’s not all. Positivity has more on offer for your health.

Boosts your immunity

Some studies suggest that positivity or optimism can help you develop a stronger immunity for respiratory viruses than those who have a negative approach towards life. If you are not an optimistic person then your immune system goes for a toss.

This is how it works: Negativity leads to stress and depression. Stress hormones like cortisol attack your white blood cells which are important members of the family of immune cells you have. That’s how you become more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Improves Your Cardiac Health

Experts have revealed that that optimism may help your heart staying healthy. According to a study published in Health Behaviour and Policy Review, adults who have been more positive in life are twice likely to have a perfect cardiovascular health (like having controlled blood sugar levels and better cholesterol levels) as compared to those who have been pessimistic.

The study involved 5000 people from the age group of 52-84 years.

Controls Blood Pressure Levels

Pessimistic and anxious people have increased chances of facing higher BP (Blood Pressure) levels as their negativity breeds stress. According to studies people who are negative in life are three times more likely to suffer with hypertension than their positive counterparts.

Ups Your Wellness Quotient

This is almost a no-brainer. Positivity keeps you happy. Happiness, in turn, motivates you to make healthy life choices like choosing the right foods, exercising, so on and so forth.

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