Does Ancient Wisdom Encourage One To Exercise? -

Does Ancient Wisdom Encourage One To Exercise?

Does ancient wisdom encourage one to exercise? Times before now, I thought anything exercise or workout is foreign. That it came from Western world as they’re well known with such lifestyle.

Although our forefathers and mothers pratices such lifestyle without actually realising its benefits to their general well-being.

For instance, here in Nigeria my mother Mariah Oduigwe told me how they trekked far distance in order to fetch water for their parents.

They also walk to the market to purchase or sell goods.

Actually, they engage in physical exercise daily without knowing its impact on their body system.

With that said, does ancient wisdom encourage one to exercise? Well, so many religious groups may spent several hours preaching about being spiritual without balancing it with the things of the physical.

They believed that being spiritual or paying attention to spiritual matter is more profitable than being physically minded.

Well, that might be true and I won’t protest about it but what does ancient wisdom has to say concerning physical exercise?

Is physical exercise profitable to your body the same way the spiritual exercise does? Do one needs physical exercise in order to balance his or her life?

In 1Timothy 4:8, the Bible made us to understand that “Physical exercise is profitable” to our health. Waooo, what a great revelation!!!

Physical exercise has been proven scientifically to help one burn fat or calories, stay active, sleep properly, help improve blood circulation and heart functions.

It also help those suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Meanwhile, if ancient wisdom or words encourage one to engagee in physical exercise, then how often do you adhere to such wonderful and awesome advice?

Do you make out time to exercise in the morning when you wake up from sleep or in the evening when you’re back from daily activities?

How often do you pay attention to this ancient wisdom for healthy living? If you don’t, then now is the time to live a healthy lifestyle by making out time to keep fit.

Does ancient wisdom encourage one to exercise? Yes and you can share with friends…..


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