Do you have Hidden Depression? Checkout for these Signs -

Do you have Hidden Depression? Checkout for these Signs

There is no denying that there is a welcome change in the way depression is perceived in our society. From being viewed as a sign of moral weakness to a greater understanding that it a mental health condition that needs proper diagnosis, we have certainly come a long way. However, the horizon for depression still needs to be varied as not every person exhibits the same symptoms when it comes to this mental health condition.

While a lot of people are open about their struggles with depression, others suffering from this complex medical condition choose to fight their battle silently. It is important to understand that depression is not a one-size-fits-all condition and affects different people in different ways. While there are a few telltale signs of clinical depression, the severity and frequency of symptoms depend on an individual. Here are three sneaky signs of depression that you need to keep an eye on.

You Can’t Make Up Your Mind: We all have trouble making decisions from time to time. However, if choosing between daily chores like what to wear, what to cook or what to do in your spare time have begun to feel really exhausting and overwhelming, maybe it is time to evaluate what is going on inside your head.

Your Body Pains all the Time: Depression can manifest in a lot of different ways and one such sign is chronic pain. If you have been experiencing dull, nagging pain which does not seem to go away with painkillers, depression might be the culprit. According to research, 65 per cent of people battling depression also suffer from chronic pain.

You have stopped combing your hair: Or have quit showering together. You are starting to spend less and less time on personal grooming and it does not really bother you. Personal grooming looks different on different people. On your good days, you might prepare your work outfit in advance, but if you are slipping into depression, you may throw on the first thing that you see in your wardrobe. It is important to spot if you have stopped caring about your appearance.


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