Do You Experience Sleepless Night? Check Out These Sleeping Disorders That Need Urgent Medical Attention -

Do You Experience Sleepless Night? Check Out These Sleeping Disorders That Need Urgent Medical Attention

Sleeping disorder involves any disorder that disrupts sleep constantly. When you repeatedly have sleepless nights or obstructions that make it difficult for you to have a blissful rest, then it might be an issue of sleep disorder.

There are different types of sleep disorders and below are some:


If you want to understand what pain insomnia causes, ask someone going through this with their puffed and tired eyes. Some have used many medications, and it seems like there are no solutions.

Often, insomniacs (people that finds it difficult to sleep) not only have trouble falling and staying asleep, but they wake up long before the alarm clock goes off and can’t fall back asleep. Episodes of sleeplessness can last days and even weeks and at times,

Do not forget, most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep daily, when you struggle to get the amount of sleep needed to keep your brain functioning, you might need to visit your doctor.


The worst type of snoring is called SLEEP APNEA, which is characterised by thunderous snorts and stoppages of breathing that can last more than a minute. This serious condition needs professional medical attention right away.

Snoring does not only affect you but those around you, which means fewer hours of sleep for everybody around. Also, snoring can also lead to bigger issues down the line and can be disruptive to your sleep.

There are so many treatments for snoring, you need to first accept and not be in denial, then speak to your doctor.

Periodic Limb Movement

Most people have this but do not understand what it is. If you periodically have a feeling that you have something crawling over your leg, then it might be a periodic limb movement. Medications for this will focus more on keeping your legs calm; then, you can have perfect rest and sleep deeper.

Teeth grinding

Most people wake up with stiff jaws and do not understand why. Many adults (and children) rub their teeth together at night, and it’s worth talking to your dentist for a solution. While teeth grinding, or “bruxism,” can be solved with a nightguard that’ll protect your mouth, a grinding habit can also indicate a bigger issue like sleep apnea.

Sleep Walking

Most people think sleepwalking is as a result of stressful activities during the day. However, medically, this type of condition is called “parasomnia,” an event that creates arousal or abnormal movements during sleep. If you or a loved one suffers this, seek a medical opinion. It could be dangerous.


That feeling when you are always tired and sleepy, and you want to continue sleeping is known as hypersomnia. If you’re clocking more than the recommended eight hours, this might be a symptom of hypersomnia, though being diagnosed with this condition requires a complete physical and exam. If you feel like this every time, visit your doctor.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)

At times, after a long night out, you might need time during the day to take a nap. However, if it becomes constant, it might be a sign of a sleep disorder. It can be a sign of deeper health issues such as depression, anaemia. Usually, treating the underlying cause resolves the condition; however, if EDS persists, seeking the help of medical professional is crucial.

Sleep Paralysis

Most people experience sleep paralysis and it has been argued that dreamtime sleep paralysis is for protection. However, when you become aware that you can’t move, panic can set in.

Causes of constant sleep paralysis can be linked to lack of sleep, certain psychiatric illnesses, drug use, and certain medications. Most of the time, you can cure this sensation with getting six to eight hours of solid sleep.

Also, you can take time out and reach out to your doctor. Experiencing panic while you are asleep may not be good for your health as it can lead to worse medical conditions.

If you experience any of the above, it is important that you seek medical help from your doctor. Also, there are different exercises you can engage in such as walking, running, and many more that helps to have a better and deeper sleep.


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