Concerning breastfeeding difficulties, I want you to know that you are not alone. Reason because breastfeeding can be challenging, especially in the early days and for new moms too. But remember that some women face many different problems while breastfeeding, while others do not. Also, many women may have certain problems with one baby that they don’t really have with their second or other baby.

With that in mind, lactation consultants can also help you find ways to make breastfeeding work for you and your baby. Although it may take a little time for you to catch on to breastfeeding your new baby but don’t be discouraged. Many new moms go through an adjustment period as they learn to breastfeed and learn to know their baby’s needs. However, here are some useful tips to consider as a breastfeeding mom;

  • Position and attach your baby correctly on the breast to prevent engorgement and cracked nipples. Breastfeeding should not hurt.
  • If you developed cracked nipples, put some breast milk on them and avoid using creams or ointment except when prescribed by a health care provider.
  • Feed frequently to avoid your breast from becoming swollen.
  • If the baby misses a feed or your breasts feel very full, you should EXPRESS some milk in order to keep your breast soft.
  • You can also keep expressed breast milk in a cool place but not longer than SIX to EIGHT hours.
  • If one or both of your breasts become painful or hot to touch, try seeing a health care provider for subsequent solution.

Finally, if you have trouble practicing exclusive breastfeeding, feel free to discuss your situation with a well-trained counselor.

See you again mom!!!

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