DNA Test Price In Nigeria -

DNA Test Price In Nigeria

DNA test price in Nigeria? How much is DNA test in Nigeria and why you should go for it? DNA test in Nigeria has now becoming one of the most performed medical tests today.

In fact, it has also rates among the most important test being conducted in the country. Why?

Currently here in Nigeria, there are a lot of reports over who the actual father of a child or children is.

Just few months ago, a man died after suffering from heart attack and subsequently stroke, when he realised that he wasn’t the real father of the children his wife gave birth to after DNA test confirmation.

Although the test might be carried out because of some other notable reasons but as far as Nigeria is concern, the most reasons for DNA test in the country is mostly paternity identification and crime investigations.

DNA Test Price In Nigeria? What Is A DNA Test?

A DNA test usually means a paternity test used to determine whether someone is the father or sometimes even mother of the child through DNA profiling.

A DNA test, if performed correctly and in accordance with regulations, can be a solid proof of paternity that could be used in court or for other reasons.

DNA testing can also be used to determine other biological relationships, but paternity tests are the most common. As of now, a DNA test is the most reliable and advanced method of determining parenthood.

It is almost 100% accurate. When the results come in, it is usually in the percentage form and not in a straightforward ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. If you get over 99%, it means that you are definitely the father or in some cases the mother.

However, in our modern society, it is sometimes hard to determine who the father of a baby is when a woman has multiple partners.

Fortunately, DNA testing is now the convenient means or tool for finding out who’s the daddy is. But can everyone afford it here in Nigeria?

DNA Test Price In Nigeria: How Much Is The Cost Of DNA Test In Nigeria?

DNA tests are of various types which require various techniques too, hence a variation in prices.

Actually, a DNA test in Nigeria may likely cost between N50, 000 to N120, 000 depending on the hospital, technique or purpose.

Also, bear in minds that for some reason, it’s difficult for any clinics, laboratories, or hospitals here in Nigeria to provide the prices of DNA test on their websites.

Why Should One Go For DNA Test In Nigeria?

Actually, DNA test has helped solve several issues here in Nigeria, whether by court endorsement or personal matter, people have resort to go for the test for various reasons.

While the test is often done for forensic and crime-related reasons in the developed countries, one of the main reasons for the DNA test in most cases here in Nigeria is to determine paternity (the father of a child).

The paternity test helps, in a great proportion, define whether a man is the actual father of a particular child or not.

DNA test also covers maternity test and even siblings’ tests as well.

Where To Take A DNA Test In Nigeria?

There are labs and clinics here in Nigeria that performs DNA test. Here is a list of some centres in Nigeria that offer DNA tests:

Paternity Test Nigeria: Visit their head office (79 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island). They have centres all over the country.

If you want to get a DNA test in Lagos and other parts of the country, then Paternity Test Nigeria is the place to visit.

DNA Labs: Visit their head office (No 2A, Kinkino Road. Unguwar Rimi Kaduna Nigeria).

DNA Nigeria: Visit their head office (73, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos). Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). You can find the hospital at Akodu St, Idi Araba, Lagos, Nigeria.

SYNLAB Nigeria (formerly PathCare Laboratories): Visit their head office (9 Egbeyemi Street, Ilupeju, Lagos).

They have centres all over the country, including in Port Harcourt, so if you want to get a DNA test in Port Harcourt Nigeria, then contact SYNLAB Nigeria.

Bode DU Laboratory Technology Limited: Visit them at 45 Oyibo Adjarho Street, Off Admiralty Way Lagos Lekki Peninsular, Nigeria.

Me Cure Healthcare Limited: You can contact them via the website (mecure.com.ng), email (info@mecure.com.ng), or visit them at one of their locations.

I believe you agree with me that DNA test worth it. As you can see, finding out whether you are the real father of that child is not “Moi moi”.

Nevertheless, the DNA test price in Nigeria is more or less justifiable when you consider the knowledge DNA testing might give you.

It can actually save you from that “story that touches the heart” and more money than you would have spent if it turns out that you are not the actual father.

So therefore consider the negative impact and make a decision for yourself, and help save your future.

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