Disease Prevention: Health Benefits Of Cocoyam Leaf -

Disease Prevention: Health Benefits Of Cocoyam Leaf

Health benefits of cocoyam leaf? Cocoyam is known by different names across the region. In Nigeria however, the Igbos call it Ede, the Yorubas call it Koko while Hausas call it Gwaza.

In Ghana, it’s called Mankani in Twi language. It is also known as Nduma in Kenya, Malanga in Senegal and Macaboin French speaking parts of Cameroon.

Colocasia esculenta is its botanical name.

Also known as Taro root, coco yam is a tropical perennial crop that grows in tropical climates. It’s a tuber crop with a lot of starch in it.

Cocoyam is made up of three key components: the corn, the stem and the leaves. It is grown for consumption or as an ornamental plant.

In addition, it’s important to know that cocoyam is a high-fiber, vitamin, and mineral-dense food.

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In reality, cocoyam has a variety of medical applications, which we will discuss in this very article with emphasis on the leaves.

Like all green leafy vegetables, cocoyam leaves contain plenty of calcium, which is useful for children when they grow fast and need their bones and teeth to be healthy and strong.

This is why cocoyam meals are especially useful for children, pregnant and nursing women too.

It comes in handy as a natural remedy and prevention for many health conditions. Don’t underestimate this gift of nature.

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Health Benefits Of Cocoyam Leaf

Like mentioned just above, cocoyam leaves is a natural remedy and it has been used to prevent so many diseases. After all “prevention is better than cure” they said.

It Boosts Immune System

Just one cup of these leaves a day can provide you with enough vitamin C to improve your immune system significantly.

It prevents Against Cancer

The same vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Due to this feature, it’s a great means against free radicals that cause cancer and many other diseases.

It Improves Eye Health

The vitamin C in a combination with vitamin A that’s also found in these leaves is excellent for strengthening your eyes. Vitamin A is one of the key components that strengthen your eyesight and prevent blindness, cataract, and myopia (short sightedness).

It Improves Digestion

These leaves are quite rich with fibers that prevent constipation and slow bowel movement. Eating these leaves, you will receive enough fiber to make your digestive system work perfectly well. If you have diarrhea, these leaves can make it stop immediately, due to the amount of zinc they have. Zinc helps bowels regain their healthy condition and prevent diarrhea.

It Helps Reduce Cholesterol Levels

The less fat and the more vegetables you consume, the lower your blood cholesterol level is. Again, the fibers the leaves contain in significant quantities help reduce the level of cholesterol in one’s blood.

It Aids In Weight Loss

Cocoyam leaves contain a lot of protein, only a little carbohydrates, and completely no fat. This is why, they are an effective means for those who want to lose fat. It even helps to gain muscles for those who are doing active sports.

It Helps The Muscle To Improve

As it was already said above, cocoyam leaves contain a lot of protein. This is the building material for muscles and a source of essential amino acids. Some of them, in particular, isoleucine, is a great means for those who build their bodies and love heavy workouts.

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It Helps To Reduce Inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acid is very effective to reduce inflammation, especially with diseases like arthritis or gastritis. It’s also effective as a meal during diseases like flu or similar ones.

It Helps Protect The Nerve

The assortment of B-vitamins that can be found in the cocoyam leaves is very effective against nerve problems that show up as numbness, tingling, trembling in your skin and limbs. They can also improve the immune system and memory.

It Helps Blood Pressure To Normalize

The mutual efforts of Omega-3 and vitamins are able to relax blood vessels and control the blood pressure. This is one of the main cocoyam leaves benefits because it works quickly and effectively.

It Aids Healthy Development Of A Fetus

Plenty of folate that the leaves contain is an effective means that helps a fetus develop properly. Enough folate at certain pregnancy stages helps the baby’s brain develop normally and without drawbacks.

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It Prevents Anemia

The iron that the leaves contain in galore helps prevent anemia effectively. If you eat enough of these leaves regularly together with other green vegetables, a lot of apples and other iron-rich food, you can be sure that you have enough hemoglobin and red blood cells to stay healthy.

It Helps In Prevention Of Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a very serious health condition that happens to pregnant women and is extremely dangerous for both the women and their babies. In order to prevent it, pregnant women should consume enough magnesium. Cocoyam leaves have a lot of it.

It Helps Refresh The Skin

The proteins that can be found in these leaves contain one specific amino acid. It helps produce collagen and elastin, and enough of these elements means that your skin will be firm, smooth, and without wrinkles.

It Helps Control Depression

Being able to release significant amounts of dopamine (the hormone, which can improve your mood and give you the sense of satisfaction and pleasure), these leaves are effective as a mood controller and a means to fight nicotine and other harmful addictions.

Through this means, help control depression.

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