Disadvantages Of Releasing Sperm Daily -

Disadvantages Of Releasing Sperm Daily

Are there any disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? I was personally overwhelmed when Harvard Medical School study indicated that a person ejaculating at least 21 times a month, had a 31% less chance of developing Prostate Cancer than those who only did it 4-7 times some month back.

This is the question many people usually ask; Are there any disadvantages of releasing sperm daily?

Well, some research says that the number of times with which a man releases sperms daily may affect his health. Some indicate that releasing sperm can equally make one lose weight.

Although there is no evidence that says that not releasing sperm cause serious health issues, constant releasing of sperm may reduce the risk of prostate cancer, just as a satisfying sex with one’s partner can improve a man’s health.

However, in this article, we are going to take a look at how often a man should release sperm, and if there are any serious disadvantages or not.

First and foremost, releasing sperm daily or occasionally is a natural and normal process. I personally does…………but. That’s by the WAY…….

Also, some researchers claim that there is no “normal” number of times a man should release sperm.

Research shows that people between the age of 14 to 17 acknowledge that they masturbate.

Sperm production is a self-made thing in our body. There is nothing bad to release it out. But if it is done every day, it’s certainly not good.

To masturbate every day, which leads to the release of sperm daily can make you become addicted to it.

It can turn out to be a serious psychological disorder if you don’t control yourself. Masturbating daily is dangerous because it can affect your lifestyle and divert your attention from your goals.

The truth is that releasing sperm twice or thrice daily can lead to physical exhaustion, fatigue, mental tiredness and also a weakness.

This is because masturbation, like sexual intercourse, actually burns calories and energy.

Another disadvantage that might result from releasing sperm multiple times daily, is that it causes a shortage of zinc in the body.

It’s important to know that protein and zinc are very necessary substances to sperm in the testicles.

As we know, zinc is not produced in the body, and it is an external supplement we have to consume or take.

About 3 milligrams of zinc is released when releasing a sperm. You have to reduce the number of times you masturbate or release sperms because zinc is not produced in the body rather you obtain it from other sources.

A research that was done in 2015 disclosed that men who release sperm daily over fourteen (14) days went through a slight reduction in the number of sperm they release.

Thankfully, the reduction did not make the sperm count fall beyond normal thresholds. And it did not affect any other measures of sperm health.

However, the advantage of releasing sperm but not daily, include the reduction of prostate cancer risk.

It discloses that men who are between the age of 40-49 had a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Also, 2016 study reported that ejaculation could help reduce prostate cancer risk.

The research did not prove that releasing sperm can prevent cancer in younger males.

There is also no proof that too much releasing of sperm is harmful to younger men either.

With that said, men should not worry about sperm production because the body constantly produces sperm.

Occasionally ejaculation does not make the body to run out. But bear in mind that it takes the average sperm approximately seventy-four (74) days to fully mature, and the body produces millions of sperm every day.

In summary, there is no correct number of times a man should release sperm. Although constant releasing of sperm offer several health benefits such as lowering of prostate cancer, no proof shows that not releasing sperm occasionally causes specific health issues or problems.

But can releasing sperm daily makes you lose weight?

Are there any disadvantages of releasing sperm daily? Yes, because it may cause loss of weight especially if you are not feeding well, some exhaustion or tiredness, and decrease productivity, as well as leading to addiction.

No, because there are no serious health issues that can result from releasing sperm daily.

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