Disability Is Not Inability: Turn Your Handicap To Your Advantage

Are you aware that disability is not inability? Most at times, there are certain factors, part of human being’s make-up that restrict us from achieving our success.

Dag Heward-Mills once defined handicap as “a disadvantage that usually makes achievements difficult.” But whichever the handicap is, it could be overcome because it can be imagined.

Using snake as a case study, the snake is the most handicapped animal on earth but because of how wise the animal is, it has been able to master all it disabilities and wield amassing success.

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What you are going through may not be good but learn how to master your handicaps and turn them around for your good. Every thought will tell you, it is never going to get better but that is not true.

Because, the snake has no limbs, poor eyesight, no movable eyelids; but this animal has mastered all these handicaps and turned them to its advantage. Apart from how to contend snake is, it has also become the most successful predator on earth.

Don’t believe in those lies that you can’t do anything in life because of your disabilities. Remember, disability is not inability. God has designed perfect purposes for you which nothing could stop them from coming to pass. So use your limitations to your advantages.

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