Different People With Different Perspectives -

Different People With Different Perspectives

A renowned preacher was teaching a mammoth crowd of people concerning time utility. Despite the great number of them, they maintained proper attention and listened to him.

They all loved him because his sincere words usually penetrate their hearts whenever he speaks to them and he usually leaves them seeking for more of such an encouraging atmosphere.

This time, the preacher decides to discuss about “Hurry up there is no time” with his believed humble followers. Though his teaching or per se discussion was very constructive as they believed it to be but it took a different shape in the very hearts and minds of the listeners. Immediately after the sermon, four different people managed to approach the preacher separately.

The first person that came said to him “Master I’m so glad for your encouraging words today. It made me to realise that I have no time left because there is a luxurious house I want to rob today.”

The second person came and said to the preacher “My lord, thank you for this heart touching words, there is a job I need to complete before the day runs out and your teaching reminds me that I need to rush and finish it before it’s too late.”

Then the third person came and testify to the preacher and say “Nna’m (my father), I’m so grateful to be in this very gathering today, your precise teaching has made me to believe that the two months pregnancy I had out of wedlock needs to be aborted before it will be too late to do so. Honestly sir, I will hurry up and abort it.”

Finally, the fourth person being the last to confess to the preacher, said “Sir I’m richly blessed with your life-transforming words today.

“Your words stirred my heart towards my creator and I realised that I have no time anymore but rather to go back and reconcile with my creator. I’m rushing backing to the house of God now just to surrender my life to Him as the next hour may be too late for me.”

The renowned preacher, after hearing all those confessions was left hypnotised. He imagined how different people interpreted same statement in diverse bearing with different perspectives and motives.

However, despite their views, perspectives and motives toward the preacher’s statement, it’s only the preacher’s exclusive right to explain in details what he actually meant by “Hurry up there is no time.”

Like the preacher’s statement, people’s views about YOU shouldn’t tear you apart. You alone reserve the right view of yourself. I know people may view you as someone with resique lifestyle. They may see you as an odd creature or as a wallflower.

Honestly my dear that is just their perspective about you which is not really a clear description of YOU. You know yourself and nobody should know you better that you know yourself. Don’t you know that you mean differently to different people? Don’t you know about that?

Actually, some will surely know you as a promiscuous person, some will see you as an evil, some will see you as a dweeb while some despite your lapses will understand and still be with you.

So therefore, people’s view about you shouldn’t bother you and what should actually bother you is your relationship with your Creator and personal conviction (how you see yourself).

My dear, it’s only you that have the rightful image and perspective about yourself as different people will ALWAYS have different views and perspectives about you. Never forget that your imaginations correspond with your limitations. I could remember one African proverb that says “The malice of a snake is to bite what it will not eat.”

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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