Did you know that……..? -

Did you know that……..?

Faith in God does not provide immunity from life’s vicissitudes, but it will help you brave the odds against you with a confidence that says “No matter how bad it gets, God got my back.”

Faith gives you a psychological release, such that even when the answers to your prayer are yet to manifest, you are not anxious because of the deep-seated peace produced in your heart by faith. By faith you will obtain good report and join the roll call of great people.

You can conquer every problem and still hold your head up for victory. So Nwanne’m, before worrying yourself sick over any situation, look back at all the things God had done for you in the past and your faith will be fuelled.

It is this very faith that drives you to your knees to make your request known to God. And when your request is been made known to God, you begin to quench the darts of circumstances and challenges over your life. This is a sign of victory for you.

My dearest, have faith and let it speak for you during hard times.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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