Consistency By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

Consistency? Consistent! Consistent!! consistent!!! Yes it’s true that “slow and steady wins the race” but fast and consistent is far better.

Consistency here signifies independent and continual nature of doing things or activities. It improves and makes humans more flexible in that particular area or domain they want to channel their time and energy.

You, for instance, reading this article just take some minutes out and envision that particular area you have been consistent at.

It might be reading books, playing Xbox games, going to the gym, writing, speaking, singing songs, dancing, blogging, preaching, cooking, teaching, doing business or anything you may think of.

You will agree with me with high level of confidence how good, better and matured you were doing that specific thing continually.

Being consistent does not mean you will not fail either in one form or the other. In fact “failure” is part of consistency I’m talking about. How on this universe do you wish to succeed and be great without encountering some level of failure?

How can you amass great experience and confidence without dashing your legs on a barrier? Tell me how! Remember that it’s only when you overcome difficulties and setbacks that your consistency is well pronounced. As the problem is not failure but failing to try again when you know you have failed.

I could remember vividly what my biological father, Mr. Cornelius Oduigwe, once told me in that very year 2011 when I got admission into the university. According to him “In your quest to greatness is a great wound of which you are likely to sustain and you must, immediately, treat it in order to succeed in that your very quest to greatness.”

This wise and wonderful quote, but fatherly, took me three years to analyse and properly understood. As the “quest” there means my search for something good in school, “greatness” means my heart desire as a student, “wound” which means failure and “treat” which also means never give up.

Then, I now realized that he wants me to be focused and consistent despite failures and challenges which I may face during the studying period.

Nwanne m, don’t forget that through consistency that your destiny is likely to surface and your success is assured.

Please my dear don’t and never lose hope on that particular thing you love doing instead be courageous and just continue.

Don’t quit rather be steadfast, train, learn more, rehearse, practice constantly, exercise your skills and work on your God given gifts.

Always train to triumph as destiny or success has a diminutive beginning which usually adds colour to your life at the end.

From; Oduigwe Chidera Dok:

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Courtesy: My dear father; Oduigwe Cornelius Chukwukere


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