Components Of Crystal Meth AKA Mkpuru Mmiri Reviewed

Mkpuru Mmiri has caused a lot of havoc to youths, especially on the South East and South West of Nigeria.

Without wasting much time on that, I’m posting this here in case you know anybody who takes this very drug or substance commonly known as Mkpuru Mmiri.

If you actually know what goes into making (cooking) crystal methamphetamine, you will likely not touch it unless you’ve thrown caution to wind and hell-bent on ruining your entire life.

Meth is not a natural substance from plants like marijuana or weed. It is completely artificial, 100% man-made.

Actually, this post is meant for educational purposes, to inform the youth who may, out of ignorance, be lured into consuming this dangerous substance.

This is not intended for use by any misguided individual for evil or nefarious purposes.

Mkpuru mmiri is the solidified form of methamphetamine.

They are usually white like ice crystals, hence the name crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth.

There’s an active ingredient in the meth which is used in medicine, but the process of creating the meth itself requires the addition of dangerous substances.

However, the components of meth are as follows:

1. Pseudoephedrine (the medicinal active ingredient used in cough/cold medicines )
2. Lithium (from car batteries)
3. Red phosphorus (from matchboxes , fireworks, flares, or explosives)
4. Sulfuric acid (found in toilet/bathroom cleaning fluid , it is highly corrosive)
5. Anhydrous ammonia (used in fertilizers)
6. Toluene (found in car brake fluid)
7. Acetone (used in nail polish remover)
8. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda, used for making soap, dyes, explosives etc)
9. Hydrochloric acid (chemistry students know not to mess with concentrated HCL acid in the lab)
10. Petrol ( needs no introduction )

All these dangerous substances have a certain effect on the system .

For instance , have you ever tasted or inhaled petrol while transferring from container to car using a hose or generator?

You noticed a certain lightheadedness like a high feeling, right? Ya, that’s just it…

Some people found a way to mix all these substances together and it turned to solid form.

That’s if they did not die from explosion while boiling it. Then think about the substance, Mkpuru Mmiri, made from such dangerous chemicals.

Sourced from:Nairaland

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