Have you ever wondered why you sneeze when cleaning your room? What does it indicate? Read on to know some cleaning mistakes that may make you sick. As we spend our day scrubbing, sweeping and dusting our home, it is important to understand what the negative impact these chemical cleaners and dust can have on us. Cleaning your house is a noble act that reduces the risk of diseases. But simple mistakes in the cleaning process can turn this noble act into a hazard.

Whether it is radioactive waste or normal house dust, if the waste is not disposed of properly, it can have health implications. The dust needs to be consolidated rather than spread. Otherwise, it can be ingested or inhaled by the body, causing various health conditions like asthma and other allergy symptoms. Here are some cleaning mistakes that could make you sick.

SCRUBBING BLACK MOULD: Black mould (mold) is caused by dampness due to the water flow or collection of water on the roof. Nobody likes mold in their home as it makes your home look bad. It may even cause structural weakness. It can be very tempting to clean that black mold yourself. But this is not advisable. This is a living organism and, if it is not treated with care, it can spread in the air like a virus. If that air is inhaled while cleaning that mold, it can cause respiratory problems, skin inflammation, tiredness, nausea and hallucinations. It is best to call a professional cleaner or use a respirator while cleaning the mold.

CLEAN YOUR GYM EQUIPMENT: Most people only see gymming equipment like dumbbells and yoga mat during their workout. After the workout is over, they leave them there until the next time. While you are cleaning every part of the house, your gymming equipment too needs a good cleaning up. As you sweat, you release toxins from your body. These toxins, in addition to exterior toxins, make these equipment more dirty than your regular toilet seat. It is important that you don’t make this mistake and clean your equipment daily with a clean cloth.

USING CHEMICAL CLEANERS: Your cleaner might have a natural scent of lemon or jasmine. But is made of chemicals and it can cause reactions. Air fresheners, scented candles, laundry detergent, essential oils, hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray, all these cleaning equipment come with a warning. Breathing these chemicals from the air can cause breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, migraines, asthma, skin rashes, watery eyes and seizures. It is best to choose products that are unscented or fragrance free.

USING THE SAME CLEANING SPONGE OR CLOTH EVERYWHERE: Cleaning equipment is the biggest carrier of germs. So, if you are using the same cloth to clean your shoe rack and kitchen, chances are you are only transferring those germs from one place to another. It is advisable to use a different sponge for different areas of the house. You can buy them in different colours to avoid confusion.

NOT CLEANING THE VACUUM: As a vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning your house, it is your duty to clean it. The vacuum cleaner does not evaporate the dust it collects. It is important that you remove that dust. It has a dust tray inside it that needs to be cleaned regularly. People often forget about this and make the mistake of not cleaning it. This can harm your vacuum cleaner and your health as well. The dust left in the tray can help breed bacteria, germs and virus in the house. Collection of this dust increases the risk of diseases such as asthma and other lung problems.

Finally, you have to bear in mind that “Health is wealth” and time taken to maintain a healthy lifestyle is never a waste.

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