Coke Vs Pepsi Which One Do You Prefer and why? -

Coke Vs Pepsi Which One Do You Prefer and why?

Coke Vs Pepsi which one do you prefer and why? I could remember some years back when I was at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) Imo State.
There, we argue much especially on baseless thing, but most times an eye opener as well.We argue from “who is the richest man in Africa?, the best university in Nigeria, the best gambler on earth, is China and India bigger than Africa to who is the best between C. Ronaldo and L. Messi?”What about Coke vs Pepsi: which one do you prefer and why? People are currently arguing heatedly about the best between this two.

Matter of fact, this argument had created a lot of chaos and unpleasant scenes, just because the people involved couldn’t come to an understanding.

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Over this argument and in order to prove “I Sabi pass you”, I’ve seen a son drain his father’s bank account; I’ve seen a wife divorce his husband; I’ve seen friends disfigure each other’s faces with bare knuckles; I’ve seen a boss put one of his employees behind bars; I’ve seen a Colonel riding on the back of a 2nd Lieutenant like he was a horse because both sides couldn’t reach an agreement.

I know most of you were unaware, fine, but I put it to you right now that people are in the middle of this argument, they’re caught up in the heat of the moment and if the air is not cleared, could lead to more quagmires or war.

Therefore, which one do you prefer and why? Coke Vs Pepsi………………

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